September 24, 2021

what my body looks like after having a baby

Welcome back to another day in the life vlog. Today we work remotely from my in-laws place because of some technical difficulties at the skypod. It felt great to dress up and leave the house for work. Sometimes the lines get blurred between family time and work from home time, but a week of having a remote office certainly helped bring back the balance.

Scottie also got to play golf with the boys. Everyone who’s male in the Young fam seems to love the sport, and Scott really enjoys it when everyone plays with him. I hope they can all be there with him when he learns how to play in the future. Do we have a Tiger Woods in the making here? Sans controversy of course!

Lastly, I do a little body reveal in today’s vlog. My body is far from what it used to be, but honestly, I’ve never felt more confident. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been at home and I’ve got no one to compare it to. But, I feel like it was such a healthy and positive headspace for me to be in. My postpartum journey surely had its ups and downs like most moms, but one thing I never forgot was to thank my body for what it’s done for me and Scott.

Hope you guys like this video!

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