October 19, 2020

Whats In My Pantry #SkyKitchen

As much as possible, we try to keep the #Skypod as clean and clutter-free as we can. Ever since Scottie came though, it’s been so much harder to do! His little toys, chairs, and strollers are invading our home so fast 😂

It’s time to declutter our space- one room at a time! Today- we do the kitchen. Here’s a little pantry tour/mini kitchen clean up. I’ve been buying a lot of homeware lately, and my aesthetic is leaning towards clean, sustainable containers. These vacuum-sealed bamboo jars are my recent fave. I use them to store all my smoothie and milk making powders!

Are you guys also into these kinds of laid back vlogs? Let me know in the comments down below. I love making little conversations with you all! 🙂 Stay safe and enjoy! x


Links to products I mentioned:

Clear tissue box

3-layered glass jar

Airtight glass jars link 1 link 2 link 3

Glass jar for seasoning

Glass jar medium-sized 

Acrylic markers

Water-based permanent marker

14 Responses

  1. Hi Kryzzie,

    I am Jucille from Cebu and now living in Canada. I’ve been following your stories and vlogs. Super nice and I’m inspired to do the same thing in my pantry. 🤭 Thank you!

  2. Hi Kryzzie i’ve been following you and watch your yt videos for over a year and love your contents. For more organization tips on your house I’d like to recommend Get organized with the home edit in Netflix. Clea and Joanna are super great professionals organizers. I swear you’ll be hook up to it!

  3. Hi kryziie, can you make a vid about the supplements your taking? What are your recos . Also can you make a review of the golden milk ? I saw you posted it in your stories. Thank you. God bless!

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