January 29, 2020

YAY or NAY: Reacting to your Baby Name suggestions (SO FUNNY!)

You know you’re halfway through your pregnancy journey when you’re sooooo over looking into names! Is it just me?? Lol I used to spend hours on baby name websites just trying to find the right one, but now it seems like theres nothing I’d ever like! Seriously though, finding the right name for our #Skybaby seems so hard – or maybe a perfect baby boy name is so much harder to find in general? Any moms relate to this?

A few weeks ago, I asked you guys for some name suggestions via Instagram. Out of the thousands of suggestions, my team picked out 10 different ones for a baby girl and boy. I must say… some of them are just.. wayyy out of the box. 😂 I thought it would be funny to share how Slater & I reacted to them. Enjoy!

17 Responses

  1. My fave names that starts with letter S and K:

    S- Skyler, Skywalker (nice jod bitaw sya 😂 ), Seve, Santino, Siegfried, Shawn, Sean, Shane, Sidney, Shiloh,

    K- Kendrick, Keith, Khalil, Khalix, Kymani, Kooper, Kacey, Keaton, Kaegan, Kaiden, Kai, Kaydeen, Kyrie, Kyler, Kaleb, Khalid 😂, Kobe, Kenzo

    Merge = Sean Kendrick, Skywalker Keaton, Sidney Kyler 😀

  2. Sleighn or Slyghn (pronounced slain), Salvi, Santi, Sevi, Seth, Shumer, Sage or Samson
    Kasen (pronounced K(ah)sen or CaseN), Kox, Kane, Kylo, Kodie, Kobe (RIP), Kalen, Kalel (superman Karl-El), Kyser, Kali, Kaliber, Ken, Kenneth, Kaster, Kasper

  3. Sven Kalvin
    Slater Knox
    Salvatore Klint
    Sid Klein
    Seymore Kale
    Stefan Keif
    Sancho Konner
    Sander Kushton
    Spence Kameron
    Schylar Konrad
    Skyller Kramer

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