#YoungAndKryzzzie Finding Home



When asked about how I first met Slater, I oftentimes wish that I have a gooey-romantic, love-at-first-sight, take-my-breath-away story to tell.

Except that it wasn’t.

The night I first met Slater was just another usual night. There was nothing too special about it except that I was having fun with my friends. Meeting him is just a tiny weirdly annoying part of it.

I’ve heard a lot about him – how can I not, when Philippine television dubbed him as the “Hotshot Engineer ng Cebu”?!

It might be that the air was different around him, or that he has undeniable charms… bottom line is that I didn’t find any of it cute in that moment.

Later on, I found out that our first impressions of each other were mutually bad. Funny as it sounds, we’ve always found reasons not to like each other.

Until we realized there’s none.



All the quirkiness, the grumpiness, the stress and the blues were the actual reasons why together, we are equal parts of a whole.

Sometimes love doesn’t need a grand dramatic introduction. Sometimes it just happens. Like you wake up feeling all the right feelings at the time, and your other half is in the right place, feeling the same.

Sometimes it’s just the universe pushing and pulling you together because it’s meant to happen like that.

And all you have to do is to follow your heart and do whatever you can to be ready – even if you’re not.

I believe that in this lifetime, we are meant to find one great love that takes you home.

Home is where love is. Home is where Slater is.


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