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5 Best Korean CC Creams for Dry, Oily, and Acne Prone Skin

5 Best Korean CC Creams

Getting things done in a shorter amount of time might be asking for too much.

But in an attempt to do the impossible, the CC cream rises to the challenge.

Many of these creams might have already grabbed your attention. To dispel any doubts, we’ve rounded up 5 of the best Korean CC creams that are worth a try.

Best for Full Coverage
It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better​
Our Pick
The Face Shop Face It Aura CC Cream​
Budget Pick
Etude House Correct and Care Cream
Table of Contents

5 Best Korean CC Creams

1. The Face Shop Face It Aura CC Cream

Our Pick

The Experience

The Face Shop Face It Aura CC Cream is a triple threat cream that has SPF, whiteners, and anti-wrinkle ingredients.

It has buildable coverage so you can control how the final finish will look on your face. The formula also dries with a dewy finish that gives you a natural glow.

Most users found that with regular use of this CC cream, there was an OVERALL IMPROVEMENT in their complexion. It gave off a brightening effect that evened out skin tone and splotchy skin patches.

As for longevity, the product remains on the skin for around 12 hours. Users report that this CC cream doesn’t come off easily, so it’s perfect for those who don’t want constant touch-ups.

Some Things To Take Note Of...

#1 It’s a Little Oily

Some say the product formula tends to be on the oilier side. We don’t recommend it on greasy skin types.

If you have oily skin, we suggest you dust up with a SETTING POWDER after applying the CC cream so that it won’t melt or be too greasy throughout the day.

#2 Packaging Issues

Though the packaging is great for on-the-go use, some users report that the pump dispenser doesn’t always work.

For others, the pump also tends to dispense too much product. It’s HARD TO CONTROL how much cream comes out of the pump.


  • SPF 30
  • Color correction stays on for 12 hours
  • Brightening properties
  • Can cover dark circles
  • Anti-aging formula


  • Not good for oily skin
  • Dispenser issues

2. It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better

Best for Full Coverage

The Experience

It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better works well for covering up wrinkles and fine lines. The anti-aging ingredients have made it popular among older users.

As for pigment, this Korean CC cream offers full coverage for any dark marks or flaws that you have. We’d say it works very much like an actual foundation because of this.

It also contains a whopping SPF 50 which is great for avoiding hyperpigmentation and sun damage. 

Plus, the formula is water-resistant so your makeup look is preserved even when you sweat on warm summer days.

Some Things To Take Note Of...

#1 Expensive

It’s marketed as a primer, makeup base, dark spot concealer, full-coverage foundation, hydration serum, color-corrector, tinted moisturizer, AND anti-aging serum. And that’s why the price is more on the expensive side.


  • SPF 50
  • Long-lasting full coverage
  • Water-resistant but hydrating 
  • Strong color correction
  • Cruelty-free and paraben-free


  • Not lightweight
  • Expensive

3. Etude House Correct and Care Cream

Budget Pick

The Experience

The Etude House Correct and Care Cream is the cheapest option on the list without sacrificing quality

It’s an 8-in-1 product that has the following properties:

  • stress-relieving
  • hydrating
  • whitening
  • sun protection
  • toning
  • lightening
  • smoothing
  • anti-aging

Some Things To Take Note Of...

#1 Pigment Takes a While to Settle

This Korean CC cream gives off a slight white cast when first applied. You’ll have to wait for it to settle into the skin before it blends into a more natural-looking color.

#2 Only 2 Shades Available

There are only 2 shades to choose from: silky and glow.

  1. Silky is for dry skin as it offers a more matte finish.
  2. Glow, on the other hand, is for those who prefer a dewy finish.
#3 Lightweight Coverage

The lightweight coverage is not suitable for those looking for a foundation replacement. Though the formula is buildable, there’s still the issue of getting a more intense white cast for darker-skinned users. 

Plus, any intense dark spots you might have will be hard to cover up using this CC cream alone. You’ll still need to use a separate concealer.

#4 Short-Lasting

When applied, this CC cream lasts for only 4 to 5 hours.

If you’re planning to wear it for a whole day at work, you’ll need to brace yourself for reapplication. This is especially for oilier skin types.


  • 8-in-1 nourishing properties
  • Affordable price
  • Hygienic pump dispenser
  • Contains SPF 30
  • Decent color correction


  • Has only 2 shades
  • Sheer coverage
  • Leaves a slight white cast
  • Reapplication is needed for longwear

4. Erborian CC Cream

Best for a Natural Look

The Experience

This lightweight Korean CC cream has a sheer coverage formula that adjusts to your natural skin color when applied.

Erborian CC Cream has SPF 25 so it offers adequate sun protection as well. Though we still recommend that you wear an SPF 30 sunscreen underneath it since anything lower than SPF 30 won’t really be strong enough to fight UV radiation. 

Many users love that this CC cream is very easy to evenly blend on the skin. When dried, it leaves a smooth finish that matches your skin color and covers up imperfections.

This is best for those who prefer relatively SHEER COVERAGE and a lighter, more NATURAL LOOK.

Some Things To Take Note Of...

#1 Orangey Tint

Some users say that the CC cream is not the right color for them. Some even say the cream is LIKE A SELF-TANNER because it gives them an orangey tint.

If an orangey tint isn’t the effect you want, or a tan for that matter, this may not be the best Korean CC cream for you.

But it’s good to note that some users prefer this quality for their cream because it gives them a SLIGHTLY TANNED LOOK and works like a contour if applied properly.

#2 Pricey

This Korean CC cream is a little more expensive compared to others in this list. Even the users who enjoyed it complained about the price.

But still, most of them continue to pay a steeper price because they found it was the perfect fit for them.


  • Mattifying while still giving a dewy finish
  • Matches natural skin tone 
  • Lightweight
  • Provides a slight tanning effect


  • A little pricey for its size
  • Only has SPF 25
  • Sheer coverage

5. Banila Co. It Radiant CC Cream

Best Water-Based Formula

The Experience

The Banila Co. It Radiant CC Cream is a multi-awarded Korean CC cream that garnered at least 6 awards in 2013 and 2014.

If you want extra-luminous dewy skin, this is the best Korean CC cream choice. With its excellent moisturizing effects, it keeps your glow all day long. 

Because of its hydrating properties, this cream is perfect for those who live in warmer regions as it also provides a cooling effect on the skin.

Some Things To Take Note Of...

#1 Has Only 1 Shade

It comes in only 1 shade that’s more. on the lighter side so it tends to look strange on darker skin tones.

Our tip FOR DARKER-SKINNED USERS is to mix in your usual foundation with it.

#2 Contains Irritants

This is not for those with acne-prone skin since it contains a few irritants. Some users with sensitive skin types have said that they had breakouts after using this.


  • SPF 30
  • Leaves a dewy, glassy finish
  • Hydrates the skin
  • Award-winning CC cream


  • Very light coverage
  • Can cause breakouts
  • Does not even out red tones

What is a CC cream?


In the 1950s, German doctor Christine Schrammek developed the blemish balm or BB cream for her patients. It served as a mild cosmetic for use after peels and facials.

Three decades later, BB creams have gained popularity all over Asia, particularly in South Korea.

And then in 2010, the CC cream trend entered the market. It started with Rachel K, a Singapore-based brand.

What Does It Do?

CC stands for either Complexion Corrector or Color-Correcting. Its name is fashioned after its successful predecessor, the BB cream.

It’s made for correcting color imperfections in the skin and giving it a more evened-out look.

Those who suffer from skin redness, hyperpigmentation, and have a shallow skin tone benefit the best from Korean CC creams.

Compared to BB creams, CC creams provide more coverage. CC creams are also generally MORE LIGHTWEIGHT than a BB cream.

CC Cream vs. BB Cream

BB creams were made to prevent future skin problems ON TOP OF being a light coverage cosmetic.

CC creams also do the same but have fuller coverage since they can COLOR-CORRECT harsher imperfections. It’s a good option for older users who have more prominent lines and wrinkles.

Both BB and CC creams continue to be popular, especially with the all-natural look trending these days. Beauty enthusiasts love sporting naturally glowing “woke up like this” makeup using Korean CC creams and BB creams.

Benefits of Korean CC creams

#1 More Than a Color-Correcting Cream

What’s so special about a color-correcting cream when a foundation and concealer give the same results?

Well, just think about color theory and the color wheel. The rule is:

Colors on opposite sides of the wheel cancel each other out. 

  • A green concealer corrects pink spots and redness.
  • Purple takes care of yellow spots.

But what’s great about the CC cream is you don’t need multiple colors to correct skin color imperfections.

It also doesn’t do JUST THAT. It has added ingredients that nourish, hydrate, and protect the skin.

It’s definitely a notch higher than your typical Korean BB cream formulas.

#2 Preventive and Corrective Features

CC creams offer preventive and corrective features.

Many CC cream formulas can whiten and brighten the skin tone, provide UV ray protection, and diminish fine lines. Other effects include reducing dark spots and a few also counter any redness in the skin.

In fact, a study in the British Journal of Dermatology showed that a CC cream produced by Olay lightened skin discoloration and skin tone after consistent and regular use for 2 months.

Because of its flexibility, CC creams have risen in popularity as more people become too busy to spend long hours in front of the mirror.

These products simplify the often-complicated makeup routine. To some people, a CC cream provides ENOUGH COVERAGE to justify skipping foundation, concealer, and highlighter.

A Korean CC cream combines the good qualities of makeup and a skincare routine.

Why Choose Korean CC creams?

Why Choose

Why are Korean brands the best place to start when looking for the best CC cream?

The Importance of Healthy Skin in Korean Culture

The simple explanation boils down to the Korean culture. Korean advertising puts emphasis on skin health

Korean advertising also shows how they treasure a healthy skin type more than good makeup can cover imperfections.

Because of the K-beauty skincare industry, South Korea is now number 1 in the world when it comes to cosmetic procedures per capita. The trend of having SMOOTH AND DEWY COMPLEXIONS led Korea to become a leader in the international cosmetic industry today.


The Korean beauty trend or K-Beauty has gained so much following in other countries that brands like Target, Sephora, and Ulta now sell Korean skincare products.

One of the most valuable features of Korean CC creams is their broad-spectrum SPF.

Plus, Korean brands place importance not only on their younger consumers but also on their older consumers. That’s why CC creams (and basically every other Korean beauty product) contain rich ingredients for nourishing the skin.

K-Beauty is really all about a HOLISTIC APPROACH to taking care of your skin barrier.

Fun Packaging

Finally, K-beauty packaging is often fun and designed with bright colors.

Korean skincare products often feature ANIMAL AND FLORAL DESIGNS to attract customers. It really depends on the concept. 

Doesn’t that just make your beauty routine much more exciting? You’ll be sure to find a product that also matches your vibe!

Wrapping It Up

In choosing a CC cream, there are many factors to consider such as:

  • CoverageIs it full coverage? Is it only sheer?
  • PriceIs it affordable? Is it worth the expensive price tag?
  • SPFDoes it have at least SPF 30?

What’s most important though is that you find a cream for your skin type. It’s the best way to achieve the end results you want. 

In the end, taking time to experiment, research, and try different products is a great way to find Korean CC creams suited for your needs.

We hope you find the best Korean CC cream for you soon. Happy hunting!


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