3 days ago
Another month down and we’ve finally reached the end of another decade. OW is this even possible?? 😱 The year 2020 is FINALLY coming…
6 days ago
If you’ve been following my vlogs or Instagram stories (http://instagram.com/kryzzzie) these past few weeks, you would probably know about the flea problem we’re currently…
1 week ago
Wow, we’re almost halfway through Scottie’s first year! How did time go by so fast? 😱 I feel like I just gave birth to…
Happy Sunday SKYFAM! You all seem to love my previous haul vlog, and I’ve been getting a ton of requests to do another one,…
People close to me would know that im suuuuper indecisive- especially when it comes to little things like what to eat, or what to…
New Momma life
This vlog was filmed with little to no sleep at all… so be warned 😅 Baby Scottie is now on this 4th month which…
How is Scottie growing up so fast? 😭 I feel like I’m filming a baby update video once a week at this rate! This…

He finally agreed!

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Korean Skincare
Korean Skincare
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Non-Comedogenic Skincare
Sensitive Skincare