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Best Korean Concealers for Dark Circles and Acne Scars

7 Best Korean Concealers

We should be proud of our skin, even the imperfections. However, there are days when we want to look flawless and airbrushed to feel more confident.

Among all beauty products, nothing does a better job in covering up our flaws and enhancing our overall look than a concealer!

It’s the one product in our makeup routine that helps us get away with having only 3 hours of sleep while still managing to look fresh.

In this article, we will share with you the top Korean Concealers that will match your skin tone for that flawless effect.

Best for Dark Circles
Skinfood Salmon Darkcircle Concealer Cream
Our Pick
The Saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer​
Best for a Natural Look
Etude House Big Cover Skin Fit Concealer PRO​
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The 7 Best Korean Concealers for Under Eyes and Dark Circles

The Saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer

Our Pick

A natural-looking concealer with sun protection and moisturizing ingredients? Yes, it does exist!

The Saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer is the best Korean concealer for that flawless look that can last the whole day. It adheres so well to the skin that you wouldn’t need to reapply as much. But even if you need to, it wouldn’t be much of a problem because it comes in a travel-friendly tube.

It also comes in 5 different shades, including a light pink one as a brightener and a beige one to emphasize and contour face angles.

Because it has hydrating ingredients, this concealer is good for those with dry skin. And just like products with SPF, this can do wonders in protecting sensitive areas of your skin such as your eye area.


  • Light formula
  • Moisturizing formula
  • Has SPF 28
  • Travel-friendly


  • Runs out easily

Skinfood Salmon Darkcircle Concealer Cream

Best for Dark Circles

This Norwegian salmon oil concealer works best to cover dark circles, and you’ll love how it blends so easily on the skin. But while it’s good for panda eyes, it also covers up other hyperpigmentation and skin imperfections. Just dab a light amount of the concealer and let your body heat melt it in.

And since it’s long-lasting, you can go through your day without having to reapply. This is good news considering it comes in a tub and you’ll have to use your fingers for this. For products packaged this way, you have to make sure your hands are clean, and we can’t always guarantee that.

The secret to this light but effective full coverage concealer is the peachy color that cancels out the darkness under the eyes. That’s where it gets the salmon part of its name.

With additional ingredients like Norwegian salmon oil, retinol, vitamin E, and Omega-3 Fatty Acids, this concealer also nourishes your skin to help give you a more youthful glow.


  • Conceals and brightens dark circles
  • Blends easily into the skin


  • Available in only two shades
  • Sticky upon application

Etude House Big Cover Skin Fit Concealer PRO

Best for a Natural Look

Just as the name suggests, this Korean concealer acts as a second skin. It has a creamy formula that gives you a matte finish, but it’s not drying at all. So if you have dry skin, you have nothing to worry about. Because it’s a liquid concealer, you can choose a light application and layer on as needed.

The thing we love most about this product is it comes in 9 different color options, including color-correcting ones. This makes it the best Korean concealer for anyone who wants a natural look, no matter their skin tone.

It’s typical for a Korean concealer to be limited when it comes to shades, usually playing around the natural beige side. But this Etude product is not just for those with light skin. Etude is going for more choices so that we’ll have an easier time finding the right fit for our skin.

It’s also easy to carry around all day because it comes in a skinny glass tube. You can blend it with your fingers, but it’s better to use a brush for a more natural look.


  • Comes in 9 different shades
  • Matte finish
  • Perfect for dry skin


  • Contains silicone

Etude House Big Cover Cushion

If you’re looking for a handy concealer that brightens and protects, this Etude concealer is the way to go.

It has a click container with an applicator at the end, so you don’t need two hands to apply this makeup product. 

Simply click on one end and the concealer will work its way to the applicator.

We also love the fact that it has SPF 30, so your skin can get that extra protection during the day. The texture is designed in a way you won’t be needing to set it with powder either. Even without the setting powder, this concealer can last for hours.

It comes in six shades, which include 3 color-correcting ones: mint, illuminate, and peach pink.


  • Convenient applicator
  • Brightening
  • SPF 30
  • Comes in color-correcting shades


  • Not for dry skin
  • Thin coverage not enough for dark scars

The Saem Mineralizing Creamy Concealer

This full coverage concealer not only covers, but also hydrates the skin with its creamy texture. It contains ceramides, which is perfect for those with dry skin.

A little goes a long way with this concealer because it covers imperfections effectively. It’s almost like a heavy-duty foundation.

Just like the previous product, this has SPF 30, which is good enough to protect the skin from daily sun damage.

This cream concealer is available in 6 different shades, but we think the range is still pretty limited to those with light skin. You can mix them to achieve a color that’s more appropriate for your skin tone, or add in a contour to make it darker.


  • Moisturizing formula
  • Does not crease
  • SPF 30


  • Shades limited to light skin range

Missha Soon Soo Pure & Weightless Concealer

As the name suggests, this concealer is one you can wear without having to feel it’s there. Missha is a well-known brand for its quality products, so you can be sure this concealer won’t disappoint.

It effectively hides wrinkles and covers dark circles without settling into the lines. It’s also good for redness and blemishes.

Just like most Korean-made concealers, however, this product has very limited shade options. It comes in only two shades and is good only for those with light skin.


  • Contains Centella Asiatica
  • Buildable
  • Hydrates the skin


  • Available in only two shades

Innisfree Mineral Stick Concealer

This creamy concealer from Innisfree comes in a handy matte tube that functions similar to lipstick. Concealing could not be more convenient than this.

The product lasts for hours and is perfect for people who are always on the go. If you don’t have much time to touch ups during the day, then this is for you.

It comes in two shades: Natural beige and light beige. This, unfortunately, limits users because it works well only for those with light skin.

The thick formula effectively hides blemishes and dark eye circles. However, as with most beauty products that have a thick formulation, this one can be hard to blend.

For better “blendability”, try heating it for a bit. You can also opt for a lighter coverage by dabbing instead of sweeping it over the skin.

People with dry skin will have no problem with the Innisfree Mineral Stick Concealer, but it is not for acne-prone skin because it has Isopropyl Palmitate, an ingredient with a high comedogenic rating.


  • Travel-friendly
  • Hides dark circles effectively


  • Hard to blend
  • Not for oily skin and acne-prone skin types

The Role of a Concealer

The Role

When it comes to covering up skin imperfections, there is no better skincare product than a concealer.

Concealer covers dark circles, fine lines, blemishes, and other hyperpigmentation.

Some have light and thin coverage so you can look more natural. They are the best concealers to subtly minimize your flaws without having to cover them completely.

But while the main role of a concealer is to cover up, you can use it for other purposes as well such as highlighting, contouring, and shaping.

A blemish concealer is specially designed to cover up spots. This product has a heavy texture, so it should be used only on spots. Applying it under the eyes, for example, would result in caking. This concealer is good for those who have several acne spots.

A color-correcting concealer, on the other hand, is designed to cancel out hyperpigmentation on your skin. You’ll see this type of product in different colors such as green, peach, and purple.

Finally, a concealer can also be used to highlight. Just choose one that is one to two shades lighter than your skin tone.

Types of Concealers

There are four main types of concealer: Balm, Liquid, Stick, and Cream. The type of concealer you use will depend on your skin type.

Liquid Concealers

If you have normal to oily skin, use liquid concealers. A liquid concealer provides light and thin coverage, but it can have a mattifying effect, making it work well for oily skin types. And this is also why it’s not recommended for those with dry skin as it emphasizes the dryness even more.

Pencil Concealer

A pencil concealer is often used to highlight and reshape rather than to conceal. This product gives the convenience of having a tool that you can use to easily draw on the areas you want to contour and refine.

Cream Concealer

A cream concealer is best for normal to dry skin. The texture of cream concealers feels like a mix of concealer and foundation, and it’s more hydrating compared to the balm and liquid concealer.

Powder Concealer

This concealer type is usually packaged in a compact, which you then apply using a beauty blender or brush to get a smooth texture and matte finish. This is best for different skin types, be it normal, combination, and sensitive skin.

Stick Concealer

Dry skin can also benefit from a stick concealer. But note that this type is not as blendable as the other kinds. With the product packaging being so convenient, though, stick concealers are the best for on-the-go use.

Those with oily skin have to avoid using a stick concealer in general as it almost always comes off easily due to the excess sebum on your skin.

How to Correctly Apply a Concealer

How to Correctly Apply

When it comes to applying a concealer, the trick is to not overdo it. Using the best Korean concealer for your skin tone doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to use it right.

As much as possible, apply only a small amount of the product, enough to cover up whatever you need to hide or minimize. 

Light coverage is better than full especially since the latter can result to your foundation caking.

There are six main areas of the face where you should apply your concealer:

  • On blemishes
  • Under the eyes
  • Sides of the nose
  • Under the bottom lip 
  • Between the eyebrow
  • Fine lines

You should apply your foundation first before applying the concealer. Otherwise, you’ll just be moving the product around. And remember to start with a light application and then layer on as needed.

To cover dark circles, draw an inverted triangle under the eyes. This technique helps brighten up the area and effectively covers the shadows.

When using a color-correcting concealer, remember the role of every color

  • Green – covers redness
  • Purple or lavender – cancels yellow spots
  • Peach – corrects dark circles

Make sure your concealer texture goes well with your skin type. The coverage should be good enough to do the job but light enough to avoid caking.

How to Find the Best Korean Concealer

When choosing the best Korean concealer or makeup for your skin, you need to consider the following factors: Coverage, Texture, Shade, and Price.

Try to find a product that is more or less the same color as your skin. The perfect Korean concealer should match your skin color to make it look as natural as possible. A lot of Korean-made concealers are designed for light skin or leaning more towards natural beige color.

The coverage would depend on the intensity of your problem areas. If your hyperpigmentation is darker, a heavy-duty concealer is perfect. If, on the other hand, you prefer to tone down the imperfections, a product with thin coverage is best.

As for price, you can find a Korean concealer that’s affordable without sacrificing quality. Look out for online sales on special occasions such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day to get the best deals!



Finding the perfect concealer is a tricky process since no one really has perfect skin. But the best tip we can give is that you need to find something that suits your skin type and tone while covering up redness, dark spots, and blemishes.

This is why we love the Saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer. It not only hides imperfections, but also moisturizes and protects the skin from sun damage. It helps that it’s available in multiple color-correcting shades as well — perfect for different skin tones!

If you want one that’s specially made for dark under eyes, go for the Skinfood Salmon Darkcircle Concealer Cream. The salmon-colored product will effectively hide the fact that you’re stressed out and lack sleep.

With the best concealers, you’ll be one step closer to achieving that Korean glass skin look!


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