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How Much Are Tanning Beds? – Are They Really Worth Buying?

How Much Are Tanning Beds-

A well-tanned complexion is a MUST, but not everyone has the time to lie under the sun for hours nor make several trips to the tanning salon each week.

If you feel tragically conflicted about how to get your regular tan without the logistical and economical hassle, you may want to think about purchasing your very own TANNING BED.

Home tanning beds may be a luxury, but if you’re already spending the money and effort to get a tan even without it, we say it’s an investment worth looking into!

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The Average Cost of Indoor Tanning Beds

The Average Cost

Tanning beds cost around an estimated $1500 to $3000, with an average cost of $2500.

But don’t settle for the cheapest nor the most expensive home tanning bed without understanding the basis for these numbers!

The price range varies widely due to several factors. Let’s go over each one!

1. Purpose and Type

Tanning beds are categorized into two types according to the consumer’s needs.

In your case, you would be buying one for personal use rather than commercially, like a tanning salon does.

  • A personal tanning bed for you would be used a lot less often, around 2-3 times per week
  • A commercial-use tanning bed is ideal to use continuously after every session

Commercial tanning beds require higher durability and lower maintenance costs compared to residential tanning beds.

Also, you need to consider if you want a specific model with special features for your residential tanning bed: There are…

  • Base tan beds
  • Enclosed beds
  • Vertical beds or high-pressure beds

To give you a better idea, expensive high-pressure beds use special technology, making them better for tanning salons.

And if you suffer from claustrophobia, you may want to avoid models that fully close and consider a stand-up tanning bed.

2. Lamp Type and Amount

Another important feature of a standard indoor tanning bed are the lamps or bulbs they use. What you want to focus on is the TYPE of tanning bulb and HOW MANY your bed will use.

There are many kinds of tanning bulbs and lamps, but they mainly differ in terms of the light spectrum they emit:

  • UVA rays SLOWLY yet DEEPLY penetrate skin and LOWERS the chances of giving you sunburn.
  • UVB rays act FASTER by focusing on the outer layer of the skin but increases the RISK of sunburn.

If you’re not sure about the right amount of tanning lamps, the beds your current spa or salons use are a good baseline.

Ones with fewer lamps cost under $2,500 while those with 24 to 36 lamps are more expensive on average.

You’ll need a bed with more lamps if you need a larger tanning bed, perfect for those who possess a taller body.

3. Quality and Brand

Most people would be willing to splurge a bit for better quality home tanning beds.

While a branded tanning bed means paying premium, it also gives you a better GUARANTEE with a longer warranty period and coverage.

Also, check how you want your beds to be delivered.

You can get a lower price for a disassembled product but it’s far more convenient for most people to have a pre-assembled one, especially when you may need to hire a professional to install the wiring.

Other Tanning Bed Costs for Consideration:

Other Costs

Other than the initial cost of the tanning bed itself, you also have to consider how much you are willing to spend on its upkeep.

1. Other Services

Unlike at the tanning salon or spa, no one will be there to help troubleshoot issues or clean it after each use. You may also have to consider the cost of other amenities like tanning lotions.

2. Replacements

And in case of worn out lamps, you should know where to get a replacement, preferably at a place that sells the same model your bed uses.

Knowing where to buy and the lamp cost will make your own bed easier to maintain.

Typically, lamps on a tanning bed cost around $10 and last for 800 hours on average.

For a closer estimate, you can calculate how much time you expect to use the bed per week. Most lamps will last months and likely fit your budget easily.

3. Power Source

As for running the machine, many might think a tanning bed would use up a lot of electricity with all the lamps it uses. But it actually only requires just as much energy as a typical kitchen appliance.

You can check the bed you will purchase beforehand and ensure its voltage runs at 120-220 volts.

Don’t forget to see if it uses a regular outlet like the one you have at home and if said outlet is located in a room with adequate space for the bed.

Considering this personal bed will be used by around one to two individuals, running it will cost mere PENNIES even when you use it every day, based on typical electrical rates.

Is It Worth Buying Your Own Tanning Bed?

Is It Worth Buying?

Compare the cost of tanning at the tanning salon against the costs when you stay at home and use a tanning bed.

  • The average price of tanning comes around $25, with prices varying from $15 to $40, and add the cost of driving to the salon which uses up a few dollars’ worth of gasoline.
  • For the daily cost of tanning with your bed, divide the initial purchase price by the decades your bed can last and add the cents per hour of electricity cost throughout your average session time.

For a regular tanner, not only is having a bed cheaper, but you’re likely to save up to $1000 A MONTH on tanning sessions as well!

And even if the tanning bed cost exceeds your budget, most companies offer financing, though look out for high interest rates as the bed is considered a luxury item.

Additional Benefits of an Indoor Tanning Bed:

If you still want some more convincing on whether the price and tanning bed costs are worth your hard-earned money, learn more about its other beneficial attributes:

#1 More Sanitary

While spas and tanning salons have someone to clean the beds, owning a tanning bed means you don’t have to worry about any drop in sanitation quality.

You can avoid skin reactions from public tanning bed use.

#2 Greater Comfort

The convenience of a home tanning bed means no one will rush you to finish your tanning by a set time. You can go in and out by your own leisure.

#3 Absolute Convenience

With a tanning bed right in your home, you’ll be more inclined to jump into a tanning session whenever you want.

You can even out your tan better whenever it fades and enjoy the beauty of your sun-kissed shade.

#4 Better Control

You can choose how you want to tan without worrying about leaving others waiting. The power to get tanned the way you want is a benefit in itself!

Precautions for Tanners:

Dr. Charles Bollmann, founder of Bare Skin Care, reminds users that using a tanning bed has its limits.

While tanning beds do SHORTEN each session, it also INCREASES your chances of sunburn and skin cancer.

This is because tanning bed bulbs emit MORE UV radiation than the sun, and the resulting tan is a sign of early damage to your skin.

To add, a recent study found tanning beds to be TWICE as dangerous as the Mediterranean during midday. Even the World Health Organization reports their cancer risk is akin to smoking cigarettes.

And so, countries like Brazil and New South Wales, Australia have banned the use of tanning beds, while many others have outlawed them for minors.



Tanning beds cost quite a lot yet they are a wise investment because when you expect to tan regularly, it pays off in the long run.

After crunching the numbers and weighing the pros and cons, you will find that a home tanning bed hosts a lot of benefits in terms of overall expense and convenience.

However, be aware of the possible dangers of tanning and don’t overdo it. Knowing more about your tanning bed will help you make the best choice for you and your tanning lifestyle!

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