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How to Use Korean Face Mask: 4 Steps and 4 Tips to Follow

How to Use Korean Face Mask

Korean skincare is in a league of its own. With so many Korean celebrities with a face as smooth as glass, everyone knows their skincare companies are doing SOMETHING right!

Where to begin? Enter your K-Beauty makeup journey with a trend that has taken women on social media by storm: Korean sheet masks!

Not only are they ultra-convenient, but they’re also one of the BEST and QUICKEST ways to pamper yourself after a stressful day.

There may be several kinds to choose from but don’t worry! We have here the best tips on how to use Korean face masks.

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How to Use a Korean Face Mask

Using Korean sheet masks is EASY! They usually have a set of directions listed on the packaging. But if you find yourself staring at lines of Hangul with no comprehension in sight, just follow this sheet masking guide:

Step 1: Cleanse

Step 1

Skincare is all about cleansing and purifying your face. After washing your face with a cleanser, use a toner to get rid of any leftover dirt and oils.

This will ensure you have a FRESH and CLEAN palette that can absorb all of the skin-nourishing goodness from the sheet mask!

Step 2: Apply the Face Mask

Step 2

Korean sheet masks come individually wrapped, with the cloth mask steeped in serums.

Open one up and gently take out the sheet mask but DON’T throw away the package filled with essence just yet.

Unfold it and align the holes with your eyes, nose, and mouth. Then, place it on your face.

Step 3: Relax

Step 3

Now here comes the best part: just sit back and relax, letting the essence seep into your pores. You can leave the mask on for up to 25 minutes before removing it.

In the meantime, you can lie down and catch up on your favorite drama or listen to the latest in K-pop music!

Step 4: Make the Most Out of the Essence

Step 4

At this point, we’re not done just yet. Remember the leftover essence?

Don’t let it all go to waste and instead, rub it all over the neck, arms, elbow, and hands so your other skin areas can receive moisture, too!

Massage it in with an upward motion to promote better blood flow. This will make your skin more radiant as a result.

With that, you’re all done! And no, you don’t have to wash the serums off afterward and just let it dry naturally.

Korean Sheet Masks 101

Masks 101

Now that you know how easy it is to use popular Korean sheet masks, you may be wondering, “What’s with the hype?

Actually, people in Korea have been using sheet masks for more than a decade, but it was only recently when the international world got wind of their effectiveness and affordability.

We can trace this Korean beauty trend all the way back to ancient Korea, a time when using masks was already widely popular.

It’s believed that the people at the time dipped cloth in skin-revitalizing serum and used masks made from silkworm cocoons.

This could have been an early way of using face sheet masks. As technology developed, so did sheet mask production which led to the current sheet masks we use today.

Does a Sheet Mask Really Work?

We get it; skin care trends come and go. However, Korean sheet masks are more than that. They’re here to stay because they simply work!

Dr. Khetarpal from the Cleveland Clinic ascertains these trendy sheet masks offer a lot of benefits. They’re not perfect, but there are more of the good than the not-so-good.

A cotton face mask is best when you need immediate results to SOOTHE inflamed and sensitive skin.

Since it gets the active ingredients closer to the skin and prevents serum evaporation, a sheet mask provides moisture for the skin faster than your typical lotion.

Take note, however, that the results from a sheet mask are temporary. The mask only goes on for a few minutes so the effects of the serum only go as deep as the outer layer of our skin.

This is the reason why a sheet mask is best for a quick freshening up for a last-minute gathering. Some also use them as products to help them relax, getting smooth skin as an extra bonus.

Which Type of Sheet Mask is Best for Me?

It can be overwhelming to choose among a wide variety of sheet masks in the shop.

Different brands tend to categorize their beauty products differently. Others sort by sheet materials, most ones being made from cotton or cellulose.

Typically, sheet masks are labeled as:

  1. Brightening – To bring a glow to dull skin
  2. Soothing – To soothe sensitive skin type
  3. Anti-Aging – To nourish and firm up mature skin
  4. Hydrating – To moisturize dry skin type or promote moisture retention
  5. Acne Control – To help your skin with acne control with the help of ingredients like tea tree oil
  6. Pore Care – To help improve texture and smoothen pores
  7. BONUS: Bubble Masks – To gently remove dirt and impurities using a special oxygenation process
As a bonus, you can even make your own sheet masks and pick which kind of benefit you need the most!

How Often Should I Use a Sheet Mask?

You can use sheet masks anytime! There’s no restriction on how often you should use them. You can use them every day, several times a week, BUT take note — many say you should only use sheet masks twice a day at most.

Since our skin concerns vary, it all boils down to your skin type and the kind of sheet mask you have. Although, sheet masks are usually gentle enough for all skin types and they can be used every day.

You should also consider what the instructions on the sheet masks’ packaging say. Korean beauty brands usually indicate recommended usage for each skin type and skin concern.

If a sheet mask isn’t really up your alley, then we suggest you try a clay mask. It’s great for detoxifying the skin and improving texture.

4 Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Face Mask

4 Tips

Using cotton sheet masks feels extremely refreshing on your skin. Make the experience even better and more luxurious with these tips!

1. Put the Sheet Mask in the Refrigerator

The feeling of a cold sheet mask is divine and it refreshes your face. You can simulate a day at the spa after being out in the hot sun all day.

Or, you could just be looking for a thing to soothe the stress lines from your face after a long day.

Applying it cold can also reduce puffiness and inflammation by constricting blood vesselsmost especially in the eye area.

2. Avoid Covering Sensitive Areas

If you’ve tried on a couple of different kinds of sheet masks, you’ll realize that not all eye and nose holes are made equal.

While it has the potential to be one funny picture, take care to place the sheet mask properly and keep the under-eye area and lips uncovered.

These areas are sensitive and may dry out or get irritated by prolonged contact with the mask serum.

3. Keep It on for No More Than 20 Minutes

Don’t leave the sheet mask on for any longer because it can dry out your skin!

Even though leaving it on longer allows the skin enough time to absorb the ingredients, leaving it too long will cause evaporation of the moisture from the mask AND your skin.

This is also applicable for how you use clay masks, so don’t overdo it!

4. Use Both Sides of the Sheet Mask

This is because half the total amount of the ingredients and serum is left on one side of the sheet mask.

Flipping your mask over helps your skin get all the goodness, maximizing your relaxation plus skincare routine.



Skin care products don’t have to be tiresome and complicated, as proven by these nifty Korean sheet masks!

Sheet masks are easy to use and only need a few minutes to take effect, giving you INSTANT PAMPERING whenever you want.

While Korean sheet masks are not the best solution for a deep-seated skin problem, they can provide you with a quick fix in case of emergencies.

That’s it for this sheet masking guide, so time to mask away! 


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