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MISSHA Time Revolution Night Repair Review

What it is:
An anti-aging and skin strengthening ampoule powered by advanced Probiotic formulations, and “purple energy”
Skin Type:
For all skin types, but extra caution on sensitive skin
Skincare Concerns:
Anti-aging, hydration, and skin strengthening
Fast absorbing liquid gel
Highlighted Ingredients:
  • More than 50% Bifida Ferment Lysate: Most potent ingredient for anti-aging.
  • “Biotic” ferments and ingredients: These give the ampoule its soothing and healing properties.
  • Niacinamide, Adenosine:To aid in collagen production; also for anti-aging.
  • Glycerin, Hyaluronic Acid, Betaine: For skin moisturization.
  • NP Ceramide, cholesterol, squalane, white lupin seeds, sunflower oil: Nourishes and repairs damaged skin.
  • Blueberry, cocoa, beetroot, cabbage, carrot, eggplant: Antioxidant plant extracts for stronger skin.
Ingredient Callouts:

Days are getting busier. Lifestyles are getting more demanding. Do you ever worry how this could take a toll on your skin?

But guess what, we’ve discovered a great ampoule! 

It gives your skin the nutrients and energy booster it needs to keep you looking young, fresh, and vibrant. –The MISSHA Time Revolution Night Repair Probio Ampoule.

Table of Contents

Product Overview

The MISSHA Time Revolution Night Repair Probio Ampoule is definitely no stranger to the skin care craze! 

It is usually compared with the expensive Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair. This MISSHA counterpart sure can deliver at a more affordable price.

This ampoule works wonders at moisturizing skin. It keeps it looking plumped, healthy, and young. 

It uses advanced fermentation technology to induce energy to skin, achieving its anti-aging properties.

New and Improved Formula

The MISSHA Time Revolution Night Repair Probio Ampoule is the fourth reformulation since it first launched. 

It was previously known as the “Borabit” ampoule, which means “purple bottle” in Korean. This signifies its contents of 5 purple energy components.

Its longer product name was the “Time Revolution Night Repair Science Activator”. 

The ampoule formula today has changed and revamped quite a bit since its early beginnings.

This new and improved version focuses on 10 types of probiotics for vibrant looking skin! How about that?


  • High-quality ingredients perfect for skin nutrition
  • Skin strengthening to keep skin firm and smooth
  • Skin Protection against harmful environmental aggressors
  • Long lasting moisture and glow all day
  • Not sticky or greasy at all
  • Elegant & luxurious packaging
  • Easy application 


  • Allergic reactions noted due to added essential oils
  • Probiotics ingredients make it not suitable for sensitive Skin 

What To Consider Before Buying Ampoules

Things to Consider

What’s great about ampoules is they contain high contents of a potent ingredient specifically made to address a skin concern. 

This is the reason why you shouldn’t use it daily. Saves you time on your routine too.

Before making that decision to buy, here are things you need to consider first:

Skin Type

You may either have normal, combination, dry, oily, or sensitive skin. 

It is important to know your type because some products may not be suitable for use.

There are products for example, with a lot of oil based ingredients in their formula. This affects sebum production in oily skin. 

You risk yourself to high possibilities of acne breakout. No way!

Skin Concern

You may have concerns about anti-aging, hydrating, improving fine lines, or fixing dull complexions. 

Why not consider incorporating an ampoule in your weekly beauty routine?

But beware! Ampoules target specific skin problems. They are not all-around quick fixes. 

We’re sure you don’t want to waste money on a product you don’t even need. We recommend doing research and reading reviews like ours.

While you’re at it, give the MISSHA Time Revolution Night Repair Probio Ampoule a shot!


Products like ampoules have potent ingredients in them. Most are botanical oils and extracts. 

In the MISSHA Time Revolution Night Repair Probio’s case, it contains bacteria.

We can’t emphasize enough how important it is to read the label. Make sure you’re not allergic to any of its contents. 

This especially if you’ve had previous bad experiences. You wouldn’t want to repeat them.


MISSHA is a South Korea-based skin care and cosmetic company. 

With high quality products, and a long running impressive reputation, MISSHA has earned its right as a top K-beauty brand!

MISSHA is famous for making products counterpart to more luxurious brands’. 

This is all in line with the brand’s philosophy that is: “quality should be affordable”.


MISSHA Time Revolution Night Repair Probio Ampoule

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

There is so much to love about the MISSHA Time Revolution Night Repair Probio ampoule. 

It’s great how this very effective ampoule is affordable for many skin care enthusiasts to consider in their daily regimens.

We give this ampoule 4 out of 5 stars rating for its wonderful anti-aging and skin strengthening abilities.

The Probio version is also a great enhanced reformulation from its predecessors. 

We applaud MISSHA for its continuous efforts on improving their already high quality products. 

These are possible with much research on new ingredients and technology.

Perhaps the only concern we have with this ampoule is the possibility of skin irritation from the added essential oils which were not present in previous versions.

Key Benefits

Strengthened Skin Benefits

The Time Revolution Night Repair ampoule claims results of firm and smooth skin with the use of enhanced nutrients. 

With the power of purple fruits and vegetables, and probiotics, no doubt you can achieve young and flawless skin in no time!

Skin Healing and Hydration Benefits

“Biotic” ferments and ingredients like Bifida Ferment Lysate, Soybean Ferment Extract, Radish Root Ferment Filtrate, Bifida Ferment Filtrate, Lactobacillus Ferment, among many have high soothing qualities. 

They help reduce redness, inflammation and dullness in skin mainly caused by exposure to harsh environments.

Other nourishing and repairing ingredients you often find in most skin care products are: NP Ceramide, cholesterol, and squalane.

Anti-Aging Benefits

Missha’s Hot & Cold Double Fermentation Process and Missha’s exclusive absorption method ensures your skin absorbs all the wonderful ingredients. It also accelerates the skin’s renewal process.

Together with the following ingredients, say goodbye to fine lines and wrinkles!

Key Ingredients

5 Purple Energy Components

This new formulation has kept the “Borabit” qualities of purple elastic energy. 

The Time Revolution Night Repair ampoule contains extracts of 5 purple fruits and vegetables used for their antioxidant effects. 

These are from: purple carrots, plum cabbage, eggplant, beetroot, and blueberry.

These unique purple ingredients give skin energy and soothe the skin from overexposure to the harmful elements of our external environment.

The result? Clearer and smoother healthy looking skin!

10 Types of Probiotics

From the name itself, “Probio” ampoule, this formulation comes with 10 different functional probiotics that increase the natural strength of the skin.

The advanced process of cold double fermentation also results in a smooth skin texture after overnight application of the ampoule.

Did you have a good night’s sleep? With this ampoule, you’ll be waking up each morning with fresh looking skin! 

More than 50% Bifida Ferment Lysate

This unique ingredient is a fermented yeast that visibly reduces signs of aging and improves skin elasticity while protecting the skin.

Niacinamide and Adenosine

These are some key elements you commonly find in all anti-aging products. Niacinamide and Adenosine firm skin and aid in collagen production to prevent wrinkles and sagging skin.


White lupine seeds from Western France and sunflower oil improve skin’s vibrancy by drawing in collagen production.

Glycerin, Hyaluronic Acid and Betaine

For added overall skin health, these ingredients work as moisturizers. They provide great skin hydration to last throughout the day.


This ampoule has a liquid silky gel consistency to it. It leaves a pleasant, non-sticky feeling on your face for a very long time.

It is also quite moisturizing so it works perfectly on dry skin too.


Once you apply the ampoule, you might feel a very mild tingle. You’ll quickly experience instant absorption into skin and soon notice a nice glow!


There is no denying how elegant its purple and silver opaque glass bottle is! 

The pipette is also really good and sturdy. It all feels very strong. You don’t have to worry about the bottle easily falling off your hands when you use it.


This reformulation has a few added essential oils for fragrance. It has a slight aromatic scent, quite distinct in a lot of MISSHA products.

If you’re sensitive to fragrance, take a good look at the ingredients list first. I also recommend using samples first before purchasing the whole bottle.


As the name suggests, this ampoule is often applied during the night. However, many have used it during the day and it works just fine.

Take an appropriate amount and absorb it along the skin right after your facial cleanse and toner. 1/3 product on the pipette is reasonably enough.

After application, apply enough pressure with hands. Massage ampoule on face and neck until it is completely absorbed.

User Reviews

User Reviews

The MISSHA Time Revolution Night Repair Ampoule garnered a lot of positive user reviews online. 

They have remained consistent in delivering quality ampoules, given the fact that the Probio version is already its 4th reformulation. 

The brand is definitely keen on continuous innovation to provide only the best for its loyal customers!


Indeed, its high quality ingredients do a fantastic job at strengthening and healing skin. A user writes:

“It’s jam packed with concentrated ingredients. It's a natural skin brightener that has faded my acne scars and plumped up my skin like no other! My skin looks so plump and renewed every morning!”

With regular use, even with different skin types and varied environments, this ampoule clearly delivers its promise to keep skin looking young. 

“I had an absurd amount of fine lines and larger creases that stubbornly wouldn't go away. In about a month I have removed what looked like 5 years off my forehead!”


If you’re not to keen on this product, you can check some alternatives from the best Korean ampoules in the market.

Mizon Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule

This Mizon ampoule works wonders with skin hydration. It contains 80% of snail mucin.

Snail mucin is one of the beauty industry’s most moisturizing ingredients.

Snail mucin also effectively brightens and heals skin. These ampoules are great for those with dry and acne prone skin.

How do I know this is for me?

This ampoule is also good for older people. Snail mucin is a good ingredient to look for when you want to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines too.

Cosrx Centella Blemish Ampoule

It’s difficult to find skin care products for acne prone skin, especially if you are highly sensitive to most ingredients.

It is cruelty-free manufactured, and contains no harmful chemicals like sulfates, parabens, silicone, and alcohol.

The main ingredient is Centella Asiatica Leaf Water. This helps normalize sebum production, and also has anti-aging and healing capabilities.

You’ll find this ampoule having a greenish color, giving a green tea effect from the outside. However, the Cosrx ampoule has quite a sticky consistency. It takes longer for skin to absorb the product. You might not enjoy the waiting process.

Overall, it is still your best option when it comes to sensitive acne-prone skin.

How do I know this is for me?

The Cosrx Centella Blemish ampoule is your bet. If you take a look at the ingredients list, this ampoule works perfectly on acne-prone skin. 

Tosowoong Propolis Sparkle Ampoule

This ampoule contains Propolis. It is an ingredient also produced by bees beside honey. 

Propolis is from tree sap mixed with beeswax. It combines the power of the chemicals from trees to withstand environmental aggressors with the antibacterial properties of beeswax. 

This makes it perfect for sensitive skin.

The only downside to this ampoule is that it contains citrus oils that may trigger photo-toxicity when exposed too much to the sun. Just make sure you wear enough sunscreen too.

How do I know this is for me?

You need an ampoule that helps keep your skin elastic and firm thanks to its toning abilities.

Should I Buy the MISSHA Time Revolution Night Repair Probio Ampoule?

Should I Buy

If you haven’t yet added an ampoule to your regular skin care routine, The Missha Time Revolution Night Repair Probio Ampoule is a product worth considering. 

It has great hydrating, healing, and anti-aging abilities that make it a contender in the market.

If you’re interested in giving this ampoule a shot, we highly recommend trying it out in small quantities first. 

You wouldn’t want to waste money on a product you can’t work with right? 

We’re pretty sure your nearest K-beauty store will gladly offer you a sample to try. 


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