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Oil-Based Foundations for Dry Skin to Get a Glowing Finish

Oil-Based Foundations for Dry Skin to Get a Glowing Finish

Makeup artists will tell you that the oil-based foundation is a staple in the world of foundation.

Its thick and luscious consistency will last on your skin for a long time.

If you’ve got dry skin, we’re here for you. For oily and combination skin types, keep reading as we’ve got a few oil-based foundation options that work well for you too!

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10 Best Oil Based Foundations

These oil-based formulas contain tons of moisture and hydration, perfect for a long day outdoors. We’ve got you covered with loads of options that deliver the perfect shade and natural glow.

Without further ado, let’s check out our favorite oil-based foundations for you.

1) The Sensual Skin Enhancer

1. The Sensual Skin Enhancer

The Sensual Skin Enhancer is a full coverage foundation for dry skin and has to be one of the best and most moisturizing ones out there.

With 16 shades on the market, it’s not only versatile because it conceals and corrects, but it’s also waterproof!

Unlike a water-based foundation, the oil-based product does so much more for your skin.

It’s formulated with jojoba oil and honey.

These two are natural wonders that moisturize and smooth the skin. Not only that, but these ingredients also protect skin from the following:

  • Dark circles
  • Blemishes
  • Acne
  • Discoloration
  • Redness
  • Hyperpigmentation

It creates this amazing dewy finish that doesn’t set into pores and fine lines.

It’s Also Great for ALL Skin Types

Yup – you heard that right! This skin enhancer can treat oily skin, dry skin, etc.

Don’t be fooled by its packaging, though.

It may come in a compact and handy tub, but it’s such an efficient cream foundation, so applying a little goes a long way when putting it into your makeup routine.

2) The Milk Flex Foundation Stick

2. The Milk Flex Foundation Stick

This super creamy oil-based foundation glides seamlessly onto your skin. 

That’s thanks to its marshmallow root extract that causes the foundation to move with your face and NEVER crease or cake.

Its medium coverage and long-wearing formula soothes, calms, and adds moisture to the skin.

With 36 shades to choose from, once applied, it’s bound to melt in with a beautiful finish.

Since we are talking about oil-based foundations here, we’re happy to let you know that this makeup product consists of TWO natural oils.

It has both sunflower seed oil and lavender oil, which are both wonders for your skill. They’re fantastic for acne-prone skin because it’s formulated with Vitamin E.

Not only will you shine with beauty, but you’ll feel it too.

3) The Alexandra De Markoff Countess Isserlyn Liquid Makeup

3. The Alexandra De Markoff Countess Isserlyn Liquid Makeup

Made with the Hollywood glow and appearance in mind, this oil-based foundation is nothing less than perfect makeup.

It’s a unique, water-resistant, liquid foundation that gives a fresh, smooth, beautiful finish suited for the stars.

And that’s just the start. Other GREAT QUALITIES include:

  • It’s a medium to full coverage foundation made with high pigment concentration for a professional, flawless look. 
  • This split oil/pigment foundation helps a lovely, fresh application whenever you mix the foundation.
  • It’s kind to the skin and works well on your skin, even on a hot day.
  • Plus, this oil-based foundation is great for dry skin, letting you have that dewy glow that we all want and love.


We love the CI Liquid Makeup’s hydrating finish that’s gentle enough on even breakouts and rosacea-prone skin.

Kind of like some water-based foundations, it’s the perfect pick if your skin is extra sensitive and needs extra care. It’s also a great anti-aging foundation, as it blurs fine lines.

Dry, delicate, or mature skin? We got you.

4) CC+ Cream with SPF 50+

4. CC+ Cream with SPF 50+

This total fan favorite is perfect for the summer sun.

Made for us by the grace of dermatologists and a plastic surgeon, this CC+ Cream oil-based foundation for dry skin is bound to be part of your to-go-to summer makeup wonders.

It’s both hydrating and great as an anti-aging concealer. It’s applicable for ALL skin types.

Say Hello to Hydrolyzed Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, and Antioxidants!

The hydrolyzed collagen treats wrinkles and mature skin, while the hyaluronic acid helps keep your skin rich and healthy.

Not only that, but this oil-based foundation is vitamin-rich and packed with antioxidants too! Expect extra hydration and a smooth finish when placed with proper application.

But wait! Because there’s so much more!

It EVEN protects you from sun damage and your skin from the intense rays of the sun.

Unlike how it might be if it was a water base, it’s a full foundation with loads of extra inactive ingredients and oils that nourish your mature skin.

These include:

  • Lemon peel oil
  • Orange peel oil
  • Grapefruit peel oil
  • Avocado oil
  • Eucalyptus leaf oil

Those oils all smell great, by the way. So this pick is bound to not only help you feel great but also has a soothing aroma.

However, if you have sensitive skin, this MAY NOT be a good option.

The reason being fragrance can lead to contact dermatitis, which you’re well aware can be a nightmare to have.

You also have to beware of oils applied to the skin because they can be comedogenic or simply, clog your pores.

5) The Vapor Soft Focus Foundation

5. The Vapor Soft Focus Foundation

For our first pick from Vapor Organic Beauty, a makeup line that specializes in natural and organic makeup products, we have the wonderful Soft Focus Foundation.

One of the most lightweight oil-based foundations we have on this list, this one is bound to blend into your skin flawlessly and provide a natural-looking finish.

We never recommend foundations that give you a flat finish or put harmful chemicals on your face.

Oil-based foundations from this brand pack loads of nutritious botanicals to feed your skin with love. Also, it’s CRUELTY-FREE!

Create perfection with its 19 shades to choose from to match your skin tone. Foundations like this one also act like skincare, with light to medium coverage.


  • Frankincense – anti-inflammatory
  • Tulsi – helps fight against acne-causing bacteria
  • Lotus – for soothing irritation and redness
  • Myrrh – a powerful antioxidant

The ingredients and oils (camellia oil, sunflower seed oil, castor oil, and bergamot oil) make this oil-based foundation ideal for all types of skin.

6) The Vapor Velvet Glow Foundation

6. The Vapor Velvet Glow Foundation

The Velvet Glow Foundation is another go-to product ready to hydrate and keep your skin healthy.

Imperfections will no longer exist because of the foundation’s light and weightless velvety matte finish. You’re bound to embrace your beauty and appearance with this other cruelty-free pick.

Just a thin layer is enough for good coverage.

It’s a perfect oil-based foundation for those of you with oily skin or dry skin, and even combination skin in between.

It’s filled with natural oils such as:

  • Desert date oil – leaves a non-greasy protective layer on your skin.
  • Macadamia oil – rich in vitamin E.
  • Jojoba oil – helps regulate sebum production.
  • Sweet almond oil – nutrient-rich and treats your skin.

Oil-based foundations like this one are rich with moisturizing love, making them the complete opposite of water-based ones.

It will stay on your skin for longer, for that glow to last all day.

7) The Tinted Face Oil

7. The Tinted Face Oil

We love this oil-based foundation by Kosas.

It’s one of the best oil-based foundations out there that’s completely light and packed with nutrients for your skin, whatever skin type that might be.

The Tinted Face Oil by Kosas is a liquid foundation that’s good enough for medium to full when applying to your skin.

It also gives this satin-like beautiful finish that blends with your skin texture, perfect for that natural glow.

What’s it made of, you might ask? Six key oil ingredients give you that dewy look and to keep your skin healthy.

These include:

  • Avocado oil: for hydration and locking in moisture.
  • Meadowfoam seed oil: matures skin and deals with sun damage.
  • Red raspberry oil: good for dry skin or inflammation.
  • Jojoba oil: soothing and nourishing for you.
  • Camellia seed oil: an extra kick of nourishment in your makeup.
  • Rosehip seed oil: treats breakouts and adds moisture.

This oil-based foundation for dry skin comes with 16 different shades made to last on your face all day long.

Unlike most foundations, this oil-based foundation is HIGHLY pigmented, so a little goes a long way. A little skin love goes a long way.

8) The Skin Foundation Stick

8. The Skin Foundation Stick

Say hello to an olden, golden cream foundation classic at this point.

If you want to go back to the basics with Bobbi Brown, this oil-based foundation might be the perfect one for your appearance.

How so?

It’s a buildable coverage foundation that’s great to work with when you’re on the go to create your makeup look.

Unlike water-based foundations, this is not runny and will work great for dry skin, oily skin, acne-prone skin, mature skin, etc.

Its water, sweat, and humidity-resistant formula also make it perfect for hot summer days!

Thanks to its shea butter active ingredient, it’s also packed with moisture. We think this would be awesome for you if you want that natural appearance minus the trace of pores and fine lines.

Its other main ingredient is olive fruit oil extract, an antibacterial oil packed with vitamins.

Your makeup routine won’t be complete without this weightless oil-based cream foundation.

9) The Bio Glow Foundation

9. The Bio Glow Foundation

The Luxury by Sofia Organic and Vegan Bio Glow Foundation is the best pick to hide imperfections and feel your beauty glow inside and out.

Adding this into your makeup routine is bound to help you have a dewy look while sticking close to your natural skin tone and appearance as much as possible.

Jojoba oil is the MOST active ingredient, making it great for your skin’s health. The vitamins it contains (Vitamin B and E) help skin repair and any inflammation in your skin.

Other notable ingredients this oil-based foundation contains are:

  • Aloe leaf juice – helps you protect skin from free radicals and any UV damage.
  • Organic lecithin – keeps your skin hydrated, making it work nicely for dry skin.

This organic, oil-based, liquid foundation is a godsend for those of us who want to keep green while smoothing out and nourishing our face.

10) The Kevyn Aucoin Beauty Foundation Balm

10. The Kevyn Aucoin Beauty Foundation Balm

This oil-based cream foundation does wonders for a glowing, supple look.

It’s an oil-based foundation with 20 shades and packed with love and hydration. What could possibly go wrong?

This oil-based foundation’s key ingredient is…*drumroll please* hyaluronic acid! Hyaluronic acid is anti-wrinkling and an antioxidant that’s perfect for keeping your skin’s health well and lovely. 

The best part? It’s PERFECT for dry skin!

It’s an oil-based wonder with buildable coverage and a matte finish. It’s also great for your arms and legs IN CASE you’re having a creative photoshoot or something like that!

Its other oil ingredients include:

  • Avocado oil
  • Olive fruit oil

Are they helpful? Absolutely!

These add extra moisture and much-needed nourishment to your skin.

It’s best applied with the foundation brush (NOTE: It’s part of the package). That’s because it still feels surprisingly silky and light despite the rich creaminess.

Types of Foundation Bases

Types of Foundation Bases

We’ve covered all our favorite oil-based foundations!

Now let’s take a moment to look back on the other options we might need to consider putting on the table. Oil-based isn’t the only kind of foundation base out there, so look at the others too.

Oil-Based Foundation

This whole list is all about oil-based foundations, so let’s tell you a little more about it.

Oil is usually the second or third ingredient in any oil-based foundation. We highly recommend an oil-based foundation if you have dry skin.

Here are the specifics that you need to know all about an oil-based foundation:

  • Its consistency will be a little thicker, so a diligent and proper application is needed when you’re using an oil-based foundation.
  • Oil-based foundation tends to sit on your skin for longer compared to products based on water or silicone.
  • They sometimes might feel greasy and heavy on the skin.
  • Oil-based foundations are perfect for preventing a dull or flat finish.
  • Especially for those with dry skin, you’re bound to feel fresh and moisturized with that natural glow whenever you use oil-based foundations.
  • On the other hand, those with oily skin SHOULD avoid oil-based foundations because we don’t want you to feel too icky or greasy throughout the day.

This whole list is already a shower of the best oil-based foundations we know for you. However, we have to single out the Tinted Face Oil by Kosas as one of our absolute faves.

Water-Based Foundation

A water-based foundation might be considered stable next to its oil-based sister. The lone difference is this one is 100% OIL-FREE!

These foundations contain neither oil nor silicone at the top of their ingredient lists.

If you’re prone to breaking out, a water-based foundation will be the most gentle option for you and your skin.

Those with dry skin might also enjoy water-based foundations because the formulas found in them are extra nourishing with ingredients that are bound to feed your skin with nutrients and love.

Specifically, these are the best things to know and look out for when choosing a water-based foundation:

  • They’re packed with moisture, thanks to their water-based formula.
  • They give a sheer, natural look and sometimes act like a second skin on your face, just like oil-based ones.
  • They practically melt into your skin, giving you that natural, glowing look.
  • Water-based foundations may have some silicone content, but they’re not called “silicone foundations” because it’s just a tiny amount.
  • They unusually come in liquid foundation, which sometimes may be runny, but is super easy to apply.
  • If you are prone to acne or breaking out, this kind of foundation is a GOOD CHOICE for you.

We love the Even Better™ Makeup Broad Spectrum SPF 15 if you’re going for a great summer, water-based pick.

Silicone-Based Foundation

This is the last kind of foundation-based, which is an excellent option if you’re more of a two-in-one type of person.

A silicone-based foundation is something that might be for you if you’re all about that clean, matte look.

The foundations possess silicone-based primers, which is fantastic if you’re also in a hurry.

Here are the specifics you need to know:

  • They’re an excellent pick for combination skin.
  • It’s formulated to have a mattifying and clean finish, controlling any excess oil on your face.
  • They’re waterproof, so it’s perfect for a makeup look that lasts you all night long in big events.
  • They act NOT ONLY as a foundation but also as a primer.
  • These foundations won’t have silicone listed as their first ingredient, so you’ll usually see the content as second or third on the list.
  • They lock moisture in your skin and make this smooth, wrinkle, and pore-free finish look to your skin.

Our fave pick for silicone foundations has to be the classic Fit Me Matter + Poreless Liquid Foundation with SPF, which keeps a clean look on a busy day.

What Kind of Primer Should I Use for Oil-Based Foundation?

Picking a primer is like choosing the right background for your artwork.  If you don’t pick the right one, your artwork, or look in this case, might not turn into that masterpiece you envision.

We don’t want you to experience any flaking, separation, or piling on your face. You’re a thing of beauty, and so is the right primer.

Silicone-based primers are a bit thicker and act as a protective layer against your face.

Because we’re using an oil-based foundation, we want the oils on the foundation to blend with your skin and not just lie sadly on top of it.

That said, we do not recommend incorporating silicone primers with an oil-based foundation.

Note: Most silicone based makeup products are comedogenic and can cause acne, pore clogging and other hypersensitivity.

So What Should You Pair It With Then?

When using an oil-based foundation, it’s best to pair it with an oil-based primer too. If that might be a little too greasy or heavy for you, a water-based primer is also good to use.

Since we’re here talking about foundations for dry skin, DON’T use silicone-based primers (or even silicone-based foundations) if you have dry skin.

Is Oil-Based Foundation Only Good for Dry Skin?

Is Oil-Based Foundation Only Good for Dry Skin-

We’ve emphasized a lot that oil-based foundations are best on dry skin. You might be wondering at this point if an oil-based foundation is only suited for dry skin.

Quick answer: It’s not!

It’s good to know that an oil-based foundation helps your skin absorb all the moisturizing nutrients it lacks. But it’s not just that.

The oil in foundations may sometimes soothe the spotty red bumps you find on acne-prone skin.

Breaking out is generally caused by the natural tendency of your skin due to genes and the environment. Your diet or chosen products might be clogging your pores.

When breaking out, it is essential to notice how your skin generally reacts.

If it’s dry around the breakouts, using an oil-based foundation is a great way to nourish your skin and balance while you’re breaking out, preventing further damage.

A Foundation Finish

A Foundation Finish

Foundations truly are the cornerstone in all our looks. Whether we’re one for oil or water and even silicone, a foundation’s got our back.

An oil-based foundation is a major staple, especially the ones we’ve listed above. Oil is suitable to nourish your face when preparing for that perfect look.

From classics to new favorites, we got you and your oil-based foundation needs.

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