It’s a sweats and sneaks kind of day, perfect for this damp and gloomy weather. And while the skies are pouring, so are the streets (traaaaffic!) and work load! Today, I’m going to talk to you about three things to help you beat this stressful situation. So if you’re caught in the sample pickle as me, hopefully, you’ll find these things as simple solutions to guide you through them!

1. Phonesuit Charger. I love portable chargers. I mean, who doesn’t? With the ever active social media life coupled with the ever crappy battery life we have on our phones, having an external charger is as important as buying the phone itself! What I love about this particular one is how small and compact it is. It fits right into my pocket- and with shorts this short, that’s amazing! This baby comes with 2600 mAh which means it carries up to 125% of Extra iPhone 5 Power (look at me being all techy!) The one I’m using above is for iPhone 4S, but they also have this same products for the 5, and Android phones. So whenever I’m stuck in traffic and I’ve over used my phone c/o Instagram, I just pop this 82gram pluggie and 2 hours later, my phone is fully charged again!

2. Cookoo Watch. I always carry a million and one things on my hands because I’m always busy and always on the go. What usually happens is that my phone falls on the ground (especially when I stand up and forget its on my lap) or stuff it in my bag and find it minutes or hours later filled with missed calls and messages. I’ve heard about vibrating bracelets that alert you when you get messages but I’ve always found the designs to be quite unflattering. Then I finally found the Cookoo watch. Not only does it notify you with texts, calls and facebook chats, but it can also remote control your camera trigger and music as well! All you need to do is connect it to your phone via bluetooth and you’re set! Cool huh??? (Twitter/IG : @Cookooph)

*Cookoo and Phonesuit are distributed by Thinkscape and available for purchase in the Philippines at: A shop, PowerMACCenter, Beyond the Box, iStudio, Switch, Digital Walker, Technoholics, Digital Hub, Mobile1, GadgetsInstyle, Widget City and ParaFreaq.

3. Rubber Shoes. If you’re already soooo busy and fighting for your life to survive, then ditch the heels and opt for sneakers instead! Best to do it now too while it’s such a hot hot trend! People all over the world are pairing up sneakers with dresses, pencil skirts, jeans and shorts- taking the 90s come back to a whole new level! So, if you need to dash- do it in comfort and style! My picks: Nike Free Runs, SuperGa Metallic, Marc by Marc Jacobs High Tops.

Hope you guys find these 3 things helpful for your busy weeks ahead! Happy Sunday!

WAGW sweater and bracelet (new, to order: email, Topshop shorts, Choies sneakers (similar here), Cookoo watch, Phonesuit charger, SM Accessories earrings

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46 Responses to Thinkscape

  1. Raf Juane says:

    I love the details of the top and how the shoes complimented them 😀


  2. Vivian says:

    super cute denim shorts~



  3. Taipei Style says:

    I love the sweater and the shorts! Great recommendations! :)


  4. stef uy says:

    your sneakers are so cute! :)

  5. Chee says:

    I really love how you go from one style to another, Ate Kryz! It’s so cool seeing you wear heels then flats then sneakers but still look gorgeous in all of ’em!!! I hope I’d see you here in Manila soon. I’ve been to Cebu last week but I don’t know where to hunt you! (Don’t be scared, Ate. I’m really just a big fan of yours! But not literally ;P ) I do hope you continue inspiring all of us, especially ordinary girls like me. Stay beautiful inside and out! ♡

    PS. I’m also hoping for your own WAGW shop here in Manila, not like those in Crossings; your own store so there’d be more clothes to die for!

    And sorry for a long comment, first time po eh! But I’ve been visiting your site daily. :) I hope you won’t be annoyed by my hopes!

  6. Mandy says:

    Love your sneakers and that watch is awesome!

    xx Mandy

  7. Anne says:

    Just wondering, what are your phones? An iPhone 4s, a blackberry, and a samsung s4 or you got the iPhone 5 too?

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