March 25, 2020

10 things I’ve learned from 10 years online (+ 10 giveaways!)


10 beautiful years with you guys bring me so much happiness.

I honestly believe that the love you all give me is too much, and my little heart is always full of it.

Because of you, I wake up every day grateful and inspired. Because of you guys, I found myself in a place I can be really proud of. Thank you for helping me see all things bright and sunny! Because of the life-changing love you give, I want to express my love back in two memorable ways.

In this video, you’ll find 10 things I’ve learned from 10 years online… AND 10 Kryzzzie Giveaways!

For 10 consecutive Sundays, I’ll be hosting 10 big giveaways on my INSTAGRAM (the last few are gonna be EPIC so definitely make sure you follow me so you’re kept in the loop!

Joining is simple – just make sure to SUBSCRIBE to my YOUTUBE channel and COMMENT down below. ALSO, make sure that you FOLLOW my INSTAGRAM @kryzzzie and COMMENT on the GIVEAWAY post. Plus points if you share the post!

We’ll announce the winner each week on IG, so make sure you have your notifications on. Goodluck to everyone and a happy #10KryzzzieYears to us!

10 Things I’ve Learned from 10 Years of Blogging

So what’s the 10 things I’ve learned so far?

1. Patience

Sometimes you’ll find yourself lost because everything’s so fast paced and you feel that you’re being left behind but the truth is, everyone has his/her timeline. What’s destined to be you will be yours.

2. Sincerity

How do you survive in a world where people commodifies beliefs and values? Be sincere. You want people to take you as you are. It’s too stressful having to live a double life and it’s bad not only for the people who care about you but most importantly, it’s bad for yourself.

3. Sometimes, done is better than perfect.

Stop overthinking and overplanning. Sometimes, it’s better to do things and improve upon what you have than spending so much time worrying about perfection.

4. Take a leap of faith.

We oftentimes find ourselves limited to thinking what we could’ve been rather than braving the waters.

5. Invest in yourself

Don’t pamper yourself because you want to impress people. Do it because you want to feel good about yourself.

Love yourself and be a little selfish.

6. Know when to say No.

You were not born to be someone else’s pawn. Know your worth and don’t allow people to take advantage of your kindness.

7. Embrace your flaws.

Know what you can and cannot do. You cannot change everything but you can change your perspective.

8. Always be grateful.

Try to be appreciative of what you have instead of counting your misfortunes. Real happiness is about being bringing peace in your life and that you can share happiness to people.

9. Find the good in everyone.

Kindness can be found even when your not looking. Treat people like you treat yourself – with respect, appreciation and consideration.

10. Believe in yourself.

Be your own cheerleader. You are meant to be great.




163 Responses

  1. you’re truly an inspiration and i’m planning to start my own blog because of you! looking for more kryzzzie years to come 🤗

    1. Hi Kryz! Happy 10th year Anniversary! I’m one of your notif squad who is patiently waiting on your vlog every week. Thank you so much. You inspired me a lot. Continue making vlog because it makes us happy. I love you! And i will support you all the way. ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Thank you so much Ms. Kryz for sharing your 10 things you’ve learned from 10yrs of blogging/vlogging. Super relate ako sa #1 ❤️ Continue to inspire us po para maging successful din po kami katulad mo. 😊 Godbless po sa new journey nyo bilang wife. Hehe Godbless #Young’s

    1. I adore you so much Ms.Kryz.. You’re so pretty, i love watching your vlogs.. 💖 Please continue making us happy everytime we’re watching you and your gorgeous smile 🙂💗💗

  3. Besides from the mere fact that you are such an inspiration, you are by far the super lingaw and super tinood na blogger/vlogger na akong nailhan!!! As in super fan jud ko nimo, buotan pa jud kaayo samot na in person! Looking forward to be like you someday hehehe. Congrats ate kryzie!!! Love lots!!! Yes to more years and inspiration to come!! 🥰💗💗😘😘

  4. Hi ate kryz! Been watching your youtube videos for a while. Thank you for the inspirations and motivations you are giving to us! More bisaya videos ate kryz kay ganahan kaayo ko maminaw saimo magbisaya hehehe. Take care always ate! Godspeed 😊😘

  5. Hi Kryz! I’ve been a silent follower since 2013! God bless to all your future endeavors. Happy 10 years to you! ❤

  6. I love watching your vlogs (& reading your blogs)! You are like the sister I never had, someone whom I can look up to, go to for solid advice on everything and just anything under the sun (fashion, beauty, lovelife, travel and career). So, thank you for being you. I hope you know how proud I am of how much you’ve done and how far you’ve come since blogging days! I love you! 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

    1. aww thanks so much Juliette. Thats really how I consider myself- a big sister and best friend. So glad you feel that way!!!

  7. Congratulations, Kryz!!!! I remember searching for your blog after seeing Camille Co (now Co-Koro ofc. hihi) on that little fashion booklet I had when I was 17. Now I’m 22 and still am inspired by you. Hope you get to enjoy more and more everyday!!! All the best!!! 😊😊

  8. I’m a huuugeeee fan of yours!! I binge-watch your videos every day and I can’t help but feel so much kilig pag magkuyog mo ni Slaterrr. Cute kaayo mong duha. Yes! Bisaya pd ko! 😊 Grabe ka-perfect nagyud ninyo dzae! Congratulations po and keep inspiring people 😍

  9. You’ve come a long way and I must say I’ve also come a long way following you, viewing your IG stories and watching your vlogs.I must say that your really an influencer.Honestly at first I was kinda annoyed with the way you talk but thats just you. You’re just being true to yourself and I salute you for that. Keep going girl.

  10. Hi Kryz! Happy 10 years!
    Been two years since I’ve been following you and Slater included. I’ve always loved your make up tutorials because you make make-up look so easy and classy😁 Keep making more content!
    Follower all the way from CDO

  11. I have learned so many things from you Kryzzie.. from make ups especially, relationship, friends, cooking, sisterhood and being from a chinese fam… always looking forward to your youtube blog and instagram posts and slaters ig too… thank u for always sharing with us! Mwahhhh 😘😘😘 lab yah 😍❤😍

  12. I always watch your video specially with slater…. And buanga lagi karon pako kabalo wala man diay tika gi follow hahaha karon pako nka follow sukad sauna ra tika gina tan-aw…. Salamat sa pag enspire sa ako kada adlaw ug pawala sa stress sa imong mga words of wisdom… Unta makita taka dri sa davao 1 of this days… I love you maam…longleeb!

    Congrats sa imobg 10th year maam kryzzieee

  13. Embrace your own flaws 💞 I accepted and stop blaming myself as a chubby girl when I have a friend who is close to me now who empowers me to not to be shy to wear bikinis even if we dont have perfect sexy body and it amazes me that bikinis is not limites to the sexy or slim women but also to all.

  14. Number 7 & 10 had been hard for me, I used to be bullied back in my elementary days because of my height and it felt really bad, I cried mostly at home coz I didn’t wanna let them see that side of me. But as years go by, I slowly learn to love, accept and respect myself. And it was the best feeling for me.

    I am an Architecture graduate, and I kinda relate to your last example about number 10 (belief in yourself) I used to reject some projects, coz I was afraid I might disappoint that person and I don’t wanna let that happen.
    But I realized, having fear about something without even doing it in the first place will not help me grow and learn from it.

    So this Ms. Kyz is the 2 most important things for me that I think we should have as we grow.

    God bless you and your future plans in life, Ms. Kryz! More vlogs to come, stay young and high-spirited! Love you.

  15. Congrats for reaching this far. Excited for all the new things and experiences to come in your life. Wishing you all the best to come.
    Happy #10KryzzzieYears
    God bless

  16. Thank you so much for always inspiring me and a lot of people.Your one of the best Influencer .Your one of the reason why I’m. always back on my instagram and social media. You give a lot of impact to me even the small things.

  17. Congrats on all your milestones this year! I loved wisdom #3 the best!

    Sometimes, done is better than perfect.

  18. 10 years and you are still my favorite. 10 years have passed and I am still looking up to you. You don’t just bring us joy, fashion tips but also food for thoughts and wisdom about life. More powers and God bless you always, Kryz and Slater. Yiee💙💙

  19. Happy #10KryzzzieYears and looking forward for more #KryzzieYears of inspirations, motivations, and empowerment. More sponsors, more followers, and more likers to come. God bless

    1. the followers and likes don’t matter to me, as long as i can help at least one person, thats good enough!

  20. You have been such an inspiration to all of your viewers, happy 10 amazing kryzzie years Ms Kryz!!! Im such a huge fan of how successful and empowering woman you are!! Kudos to you!!

  21. Happy #10KryzzieYears!!!! From #ThirstyThought to #BehindTheBlog to #YoungandKryzzie! I’m a silent fan haha! Never not liking your instagram posts for the past years! 😬🥳 Congratulations!!

  22. HAPPY 10TH YEAR ANIVERSARY ATE KRYZ. Hoping for more ideas and tips to come for you to share to us. Stay gwapa and happy. Always be inspired. Sana all!

    1. aww thanks carien! definitely want to share whatever I learn with you guys so we can all grow together!!!

  23. Hey Kryz!☺️ Congratulations on your 10th year!🎉 I’ve been watching your vlog and following your sns since I was single til’ now that I’m married and have a baby.😊☺️ You’ve been an inspiration to many and I hope you keep doing what you’re doing right now. More power and God bless!❤

  24. Hello Ms. Kryz! I’m a big fan of yours, slater, and the whole trio squad ❤️ Happy 10 amazing years of epic adventures and being such an inspiration to your supporters 🌻 Always looking forward to the day that I will be able to see you in person ❤️ you deserve all the love ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #10Kryzzzieyears #10Kryzzziegiveaways

  25. Been following you since your medyo nene days pa haha. I have seen how you and your style has evolved. Thru the years you have shown versitility in how you present urself. I love your vibe kase napakachill mo, somehing that I am not.haha Anyways, Happy 10years in the biz! Hope to see more of you, your hubs, Skybear at the Skypod!❤️

  26. Congratulations to a decade of KryzzzieV/Blogging ❤️ Whenever I pass extraspace I always look out hoping you are there 😅 luvyah! 😘

  27. Happy #10KryzzzieYears 💕 Been following since Thirsty Thought days! #10KyrzzzieGiveaways sml 💕🌻

  28. embrace your flaws and sincerity 💓 This talaga..I guess I’m learning more from this blog. 10 yrs is a huge success. Cheers! more years to celebrate
    ig: iamlove_iloveyou
    yt: lovell compoc
    fb: love fullido compoc

  29. You’re one of the best!!! I love you so so much!!!
    Sobra akong naiinspire because of you, minsan kapag sobrang down and nalulungkot ako nanonood lang ako ng vlog mo and suddenly it changes my mood. You’re one of my inspiration and the best influencer i know.
    Kinikilig ako lagi when u and slater make fun of each other and u guys are GOALS! ❤️
    From blogger jowa to hubby

    I love you more than words my Kryzzzieeeee!!! I may be Kryzzzzieee but i really mean it❤️❤️❤️❤️


  30. SoMEtimes done is better than perfect. This reminds me of being practical in life, but i do also learn that perfectioN in little things brought peace of mind.. labi na tong nagkaroon ako ng 2 anak, gush almost no time for self na coz I wanted to be with my children even when theyre asleep. Now that im back working afte two years at home.
    Wew na doble gyud ang kakapoy ug ang happiness seing my children learning while im away for work. Ganahan ko everytime na maka cebuano/bisaya ka ms. KRYZ..

    MORE POWER and God bless!

  31. Aww these top 10 things are going straight to my heart!! ❤️❤️ Happy 10 years!!! Been here since day 1❤️✨

  32. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!❤️ No matter what happen, no matter what other people say to you and even if you are down, just believe in yourself that everything will be ok and God is always there for you, for all of us, watching and guide as always. EVERY YEAR IS A BLESSING FROM GOD!☝️🙏 Thank you ms. @kryzzzie for sharing your #10KryzzzieYears! Happy 10th Anniversary! 🎂🎁🎈🎉 Anniversary is truly a celebration! So happy because we are also celebrating our 11th Anniversary this coming Sept 8!Tagging my forever @jeffamparado 🎂🎁🎈🎉

  33. Hello po. .Happy 10th year anniversary. .Continue being an inspiration..God bless you always and continue also being a blessing to other.😍😊🙂🤗

  34. thank you for inspiring us! planning to to start my own blog very soon. thank you for the tips always, Ms. Kryz 💖

  35. This post really gave me assurance ♡ Really, Kryz. You’re like my Role Model not only because I’m also interested in fashion and makeup but what makes you an inspiration to me is how you live your life. Now you’re already a Tita lol, you’ve already gained so much in your life and you really deserve all your success. Wow, I also really want to be as successful and settled as you. Thank you for the inspirations and motivations you give to us through your blogs and videos and I’m already looking forward for your 20th anniversary and by that I’m already a Tita and hopefully settled and living a wonderful life. Praying for more success to you and for your family and *coughs* children in the future 🤣💖♡

  36. Number one really got me 🥺 I’m still in the process of learning that I have my own timeline but atleast I’m getting there 😌 Thank you for being such a good inspo especially to the young adults, Kryz!

  37. It’s been a year since I left Liteblock. And I never stop believing to meet you sometime. You inspire me to be a better person and to be happy always by reminding me that I am more than enough and to be contented with my life. Thank you for sharing your videos everyday it was my daily routine to watch it all before sleeping ♥️😃 it feels good to hear/read articles that help me motivate myself. Love you always ☺️☺️☺️

  38. Hi Ate Kryz! I have only been a recent fan but you were such a big inspiration for me! There was one time I saw you and I literally didn’t breath for 5 seconds kay na star-struck jud ko as in! Hahaha let’s us journey together and I want to learn more from you!

  39. Each day you better yourself, and you’re an inspiration and a motivation to us. You are a gem that will always shine. Your creativity and vision are impeccable. Congratulations on your 10th year of awesomeness. 😘

  40. Congratulations on your 10th year of blogging. ❤❤❤ Dreaming to start a blog but still don’t have the courage to do so. 😑😊

  41. I’m a big fan. You are my blogger idol! I super love everything about you! Wish I could meet you personally. Hopefully! 😍😍😍

  42. Hi Miss Kryz! I’m a fan of yours. Everytime you have a post in IG, I would always click your name to visit your profile hahaha I just don’t want to miss something. Your feed is so pretty. Because you are pretty gyud huhu. I super like your ootds. From hairclips to earrings and everything. Such an inspiration! Also, you and Kuya Slater is one of my fave couples. Relationship goals kaayo. Sana all haha

  43. Hi Miss Kryz! I’m a fan of yours. Everytime you have a post in IG, I would always click your name to visit your profile hahaha I just don’t want to miss something. Your feed is so pretty. Because you are pretty gyud huhu. I super like your ootds. From hairclips to earrings and everything. Such an inspiration! Also, you and Kuya Slater is one of my fave couples. Relationship goals kaayo. Sana all haha

  44. Hi Miss Young! Thank you so so much for being an inspiration and a role model to me ever since I bumped into your channel last year, I’m striving to be positive as much as possible. Please continue on being such a ray of sunshine and share more of your wisdoms to us (esp on beauty tips! 😂). Congratulations! 💖

  45. Hi Kryz! Happy 10th year Anniversary! I’m one of your notif squad who is patiently waiting on your vlog every week. Thank you so much. You inspired me a lot. Continue making vlog because it makes us happy. I love you! And i will support you all the way. ❤️❤️❤️

  46. Ahhh my heart ❤️❤️❤️ Really appreciate your beauty 😍 So pretty gyud kaayo ning mga bisaya noh 💕 Been watching your vlog and i really appreciate it 💖 Nakakainspire those vlogs, naa jud tay ma learn nga lesson pd ba 🥰 Happy 10th anniversary pretty!!! Keep vlogging! God bless you always 😘 cheers for more years 🥂

  47. Ever since I watched you on youtube, I couldn’t stop. Even if we’re not on the same generation i keep watching your videos because all your contents are remarkable and it’s fruitful.. also you are such a cutie and sweet girl. I keep working hard because of you.. you are one of my inspiration. Happy 10th Ms.Kryz!! ✨💖

  48. awwee. iloveyou kryz💕 thank you so much for inspiring me. i hope na makasugat tka somewhere in cebu nya mkapapicture ko together nimo 😂 God bless kryzzie..

  49. Hello Mrs. Kryzzie, good morning 😍 A lot of give aways is having my thought that you’re really have a good heart ever since then even don’t have give away. I am forever grateful because of your sharing great moment of your life. Your vblog inspired me and my husband. Seeing you’re happy smile together of your love ones. Experiences that makes me learned and absorbed it in my daily life. Congratulations to you as always. More years to come. And more more blessings. Please be kind and loving as always I saw you. Thanks Mrs Kryzzie 💋❤

  50. Congrats!!!🤩🤩🤩🤩more vlog to come, love to watch all your vlogs💋#10KryzzzieYears . I hope i can follow you in instagram😭 nakakaproblema kasi yung pag download ko ng app dahil sa acct ko sa apple😩.

  51. Happy 10th year anniversary Kryz 😊❤ You are one of those people that motivates me to have goals and dream big . Also , I know it’s random but I love how good you are in speaking english and hoping that I can be as good you in the future.

  52. You are truly an inspiration to many women of all ages. I love the heartfelt message! It speaks how beautiful you are inside and out! Looking forward to more blessings and years of love and kryzzzieeness! ♡

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