10 things I’ve learned from 10 years online (+ 10 giveaways!)


10 beautiful years with you guys bring me so much happiness.

I honestly believe that the love you all give me is too much, and my little heart is always full of it.

Because of you, I wake up every day grateful and inspired. Because of you guys, I found myself in a place I can be really proud of. Thank you for helping me see all things bright and sunny! Because of the life-changing love you give, I want to express my love back in two memorable ways.

In this video, you’ll find 10 things I’ve learned from 10 years online… AND 10 Kryzzzie Giveaways!

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10 Things I’ve Learned from 10 Years of Blogging

So what’s the 10 things I’ve learned so far?

1. Patience

Sometimes you’ll find yourself lost because everything’s so fast paced and you feel that you’re being left behind but the truth is, everyone has his/her timeline. What’s destined to be you will be yours.

2. Sincerity

How do you survive in a world where people commodifies beliefs and values? Be sincere. You want people to take you as you are. It’s too stressful having to live a double life and it’s bad not only for the people who care about you but most importantly, it’s bad for yourself.

3. Sometimes, done is better than perfect.

Stop overthinking and overplanning. Sometimes, it’s better to do things and improve upon what you have than spending so much time worrying about perfection.

4. Take a leap of faith.

We oftentimes find ourselves limited to thinking what we could’ve been rather than braving the waters.

5. Invest in yourself

Don’t pamper yourself because you want to impress people. Do it because you want to feel good about yourself.

Love yourself and be a little selfish.

6. Know when to say No.

You were not born to be someone else’s pawn. Know your worth and don’t allow people to take advantage of your kindness.

7. Embrace your flaws.

Know what you can and cannot do. You cannot change everything but you can change your perspective.

8. Always be grateful.

Try to be appreciative of what you have instead of counting your misfortunes. Real happiness is about being bringing peace in your life and that you can share happiness to people.

9. Find the good in everyone.

Kindness can be found even when your not looking. Treat people like you treat yourself – with respect, appreciation and consideration.

10. Believe in yourself.

Be your own cheerleader. You are meant to be great.