2 years ago

2 days in Sydney

For some reason, all of my trips to Sydney always end up being rushed into 2-3 days! It’s a pretty long flight to get here, so we made sure to make the most out of the little time we had. Thank God for our stunning hotel room surprise! If you’re ever heading to this beautiful city, hope our travel vlog and itinerary helps you out!


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  1. Love the vlog! Hope I get to go to sydney too! Btw, I was wondering how often do you get booster shots for your underarms since you’ve already had the laserlight done?

  2. Lovely travel vlog! Awesome Sydney 💕
    I am wanting to sometime visit their place. Soon. Even once in my life. 🍃
    Thank you for sharing this, Kryz 😘

  3. HAHAHA! I love you daw oh! Aweeee! Thank you sa cebuyogafest passes kryz! I enjoyed a lot! ♥ I enjoyed the two morning sessions of Teacher Jen and the pound workout from the people behind Zink cebu!

  4. Love Sydney!
    How I wish I could visit that city too <3

    By the, what's the name of the resto you went to? It looks so dreamy!

  5. Thanks for sharing video of your Sidney trip Krzz and Slater !Looks like a beautiful place to visit , and the food OMG , lol ! Jim In Arizona , USA

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