January 11, 2023

2 Ingredient Pancakes, Painting Bears with Scottie, Baby Sevi Update

Another day at home with the boys and this time we make pancakes for breakfast good for the whole family! My little helper Scottie boo still loves helping mommy out in the kitchen and I couldn’t be more thankful. I used to prepare breakfast for myself all alone, but having him by my side makes it so much more special. Sevi can eat these pancakes now too! He is starting his baby led weaning journey and I am so proud that he is navigating solids with so much ease! I cant wait for the time when we can all share the same food and eat at the same time together. Family meals will mean so much!

I brought Scottie to Bear Cave Cebu today to paint some ceramic bears and it was so much fun! I never knew you could make something so nice simply by pouring paint. The effect was a lovely marble design that turned out sooo pretty! Scottie chose Blippi colors- of course lol. I’m so glad to have more spots in Cebu where I can do things with the family, and I really hope more open up! You can check them out here: Bear Cave: https://www.instagram.com/thebearcave.cebu/

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