August 4, 2021

5 Best Designer Purchases

A few weeks ago, I released a video about my 5 not-so-smart fashion investments. After that got out I remember seeing a lot of your comments asking for what are my best investments.

So I went through my closet and picked up 5 things I’m really really happy I got. To this day, I can’t thank the past me for making the right decisions.

As I grow older, my fashion choices become much more grounded on the idea of practicality and endurance.

Check out what fashion items made it to my top 5.

1. Chanel Nude Caviar Skin Bag

This is my first ever Channel bag and it’s been with me since 2012. 7 years later, it hasn’t worn out even if I wasn’t too careful using it! I love the simplicity of its design and how it pairs really well with any of my clothes. I like how it’s big enough to hold everything that I need when I go out.

2. Chanel Black Multi Wear Caviar Skin Bag

This is my most recent channel, but I can proudly say this will be my forever favorite! You can never go wrong with a good black bag – but this one is ultimately better. I like how it is worn as a sling or a backpack. This baby is so chic it would certainly give a more modern classy spin to any of your outfits. Also, despite it looking so cute and small, it fits a lot! This bag is perfect for formal to casual events. Right now, I can’t picture my closet without it.

3. Louboutin Nude Pumps

Louis Vuitton is an iconic brand and I believe that if you’re planning to invest in good designer shoes, they should be your first go-to option. I just love how this pair goes with anything and, most importantly they are really comfortable! You can go all day with just it and not pay the price of beauty with blisters and scars.

4. Dior Flats

Oh, I love this pair so much that I’ve taken it to most of my trips both in and out of the country. The straps used to be so white but now it’s an off-white, grey-ish… because I use it so much! lol. It’s a modern spin on regular ballet flats because of its quirky bow strap detail. Other than the aesthetic value, the straps prevent you from getting the kind of blister you’ll normally have from wearing typical ballet flats.

5.  Tag Heuer Lady’s Watch (Silver with Gold details)

An oldie but definitely a goodie, this watch was a gift from my oldest sister Diane. I got it since High School and up until now I have worn it and it’s still in good condition. I’ve also learned that since its purchase the price has gone up to 3-4 times higher. Investing in a good piece of jewelry makes a lot of sense if you really are being smart about where you put your money in. 

Watch the full vlog if you haven’t yet! 

9 Responses

  1. Hi kryz! In which country did you buy and how much is the chanel black multi wear caviar bag?ive been eyeing on that too!

  2. Hi Kryz! Love your videos. 😊 And, this is my first time to comment here. 😊
    By the way, I wanted to ask where did you have your flats rubber-soled? Thinking of doing the same thing. 😊

    Thank you! All the best!

  3. Hi kryz!! Love your videos 🙂 what size of the chanel flap do you own? Are they the same for all your flap bags? 🙂

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