August 4, 2021


I know the recent news has been shocking and sad for everyone.  2020 hasn’t exactly been kind to us all. It’s hard to find normalcy in light of all the news, but I think it’s best we try to remain calm and cooperate for the sake of the majority. Remember that the most important thing, especially at this time, is health!

If you’re confined in the comforts of your home, I hope this video will cheer you up or give you a bit of entertainment.

Simple pleasures like eating my favorite food, or spending quality time with Slater and my family bring me comfort at times like this. For today’s video, I’m sharing my top five go-to restaurants here in Cebu. I know it’s strictly discouraged to go out and be in crowded places these days, but maybe you can save this video and bookmark it for later when the world gets better. (Or you can have some food delivered to your doorstep!)

For now- stay with your loved ones, keep safe, remember to WASH YOUR HANDS at all times, don’t go out of your house if it’s not necessary and let’s get through this as one community.

Sending all my love to all of you! Happy Sunday. x

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  1. I miss Yushoken! 😭 I was working there as a chef and you and slater was one of our regular guest. I wish they had a branch here in Aussie 😂 Shoyu ramen is the 💣 . Thank you for featuring Miss Kryz. Stay beautiful inside and out. ❤️

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