August 4, 2021

5 Lazy Breakfast Toast Ideas

Another Sunday, another cooking session here at the #SkyKitchen!

This time, I’m sharing with you my 5 easy breakfast toast recipes that you can whip up for yourself or your whole family in less than 5 minutes!



After all the cooking, it’s even way easier for me to make our kitchen spotless because of the new Joy Easy Spray – a new cleaning product that I’ve been raving about for a couple of weeks now!


I love how it instantly melts the sticky grime on my pans in just three sprays all in 4 minutes. PLUS, you can use it to clean your countertops and kitchen stove too – It’s the perfect addition to your kitchen cleaning essentials! #JoySprayItEasy

Buy yours online at Lazada here:

Check out my 5 Lazy Breakfast Toast Ideas below!

2 Responses

  1. I always read you blog and as a starting blogger, I am kinda trying to get inspiration and ideas of what content I will be putting in my own website. Your blog defines your character really it’s very reachable and defined.

  2. Hi Kryz!

    We have been meaning to contact you for so long, we finally have the chance. We’ve seen how you manage your time from prepping your breakfast down to being a mom to Scottie and wife to Slater. As a way of thanks for including our Sourdough Bread in your previous Vlog, we’d like to send you over Healthy Artisan Breads from Bake and More and other natural products from our partners as well.

    We would appreciate it if you’d allow us to send you over some stuff. No commitments ✋ Just honest feedback from you would be enough.

    Here’s our contact details, 09566407921 or @bakeandmoreph in IG.

    Looking forward to your positive response.


    A fan since Kryz Uy pose trend ❤

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