1 year ago

5 Most Important Love Lessons

I know some of you (especially the ones in a relationship) are really excited for tomorrow! It’s another special day to celebrate love!

I originally thought about doing a makeup tutorial since that’s what most of you must’ve expected but, I thought deeply about what else I can share with you to make your Valentine’s Day special.

So… here I am, giving you 5 of the most precious lessons I’ve learned in love. I hope that these lessons help you find happiness with your own blossoming relationships. ❤️

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  1. please allow me to follow you, i i got hooked the first time i saw your insta account i love slather during pbb days and when i saw you my god i fell inlove on both of you! Congrats in your upcoming wedding!

  2. I am so enlightened by your blog about 5 most important love lessons. Sometimes I think, I always push ourselves to be better and to do harder in achieving our goals, both career and as a couple. I realize, i feel like I am comparing our relationship to others but afraid to admit that I am feeling that way. And I don’t want to let my partner feel that I am not contented with what we have, so, this lessons, in some ways, helped a lot. Same as you, I also feel blessed because my fiance’ is very chill and manly. He doesn’t like to engage much with other issues involving others (such an introvert), but I like how he manage to deal with our fights and have it resolved within 24 hours and how he handles my anger. I will keep in mind your 5 live lessons.. Thank you krizzie..

  3. Ugma naaaa! Kanang pwede unya na pleaaase? Hahahaha im teary eyed to know your finally Mrs. Young na. :'( I can imagine as you walk in the isle while smiling probably crying too syempre tears of joy haha. Congrats kryz and to slater. Slater pls take care of kryz for me lol hahaha. Enjoy your day. Huwat lang mi ig stories 😀 God bless your marriage. Love you :*

  4. na guguilty tuloy ako. Thanks sangay! I always love tambay-ing in your blog. Kaya lang naman ako naging kryscross sa instagram kasi yan yung heading sa ‘yo sa Zee lifestyle mag! Idol since lookbook! Anyway, this is probably your most relatable vlog. Salamat kaayo gwaps. makahilak huhu

  5. Finally here’s my first comment in your blog site hahaha. Di na jud nako ma contain sa akng self ang ka happy sa inyo wedding. I realized how important it is to follow your group of friends hahaha na awahi nuon kos balita nga pag 16 inyo big day hahaha anyways I wish you all the best and I love you both #youngandkrizzie

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