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7 Bride Chilla Ways to Get Ready for Your Big Day

A lot of people are asking me about wedding preps and how I’m dealing with the stress of it all. Honestly, I’m actually doing fine! Yes, it can be quite challenging to balance expectations and make sure everyone involved is happy. Slater and I had something similar in mind- a quiet intimate ceremony somewhere out of the country. However, our immediate family want us to do it in the Philippines- and in the most traditional sense. A big wedding with all 99999 members of our family and friends to join us. Even though we weren’t so keen on the idea, both of us know that wedding celebrations are really a family affair, and we would much rather have our parents happy and involved than rub elbows the wrong way just because we want something different. I’ve come to realize that all these preparations don’t really matter in the long run. If they go smoothly-great. If not, it’s okay. As long as I get to marry the love of my life- I’m good. So in the middle of it all, it’s easy to take a step back and really think about the reason why we’re doing all this. It’s not for show, it doesn’t have to be perfect. And when you realize that- it will be so much easier to turn from Bridezilla to Bridechilla. Oh, and these 7 steps below won’t hurt either.

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Get a massage via Glow by Excelsior

Choose between their SHIATSU or SWEDISH massages and relax in their private massage rooms. This anti-stress therapy relieves the body of existing strains.

Treat your nails via Nail & Co.

These girly interiors are sure to calm and soothe your senses while you get your nails done!

Make that smile shine via Novodental

Get your consultation, cleaning and flouride treatment in before the big day to make sure your teeth are sparkly and healthy!

Color your hair or go for a treatment via Design Studio

Look for Chiara, she’s always ready to give you a personal assessment of your hair! (spot my book on the racks too!)

Get fit via Mindful Movement

I find that exercise always makes me feel better when I’m up to my neck in stress!

Eat healthy via Lunchbox Diet

Try going veg! It will surely make you feel lighter and it will help give your skin a little glow too!

Get your drip game on via Cocktails MD

And if you’re looking for a quick fix- try getting a Vitamin C drip! I’ve always wanted to try this!

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  1. If my wedding wouldnt be perfect, it’s okay as long i marry the love of my life. . Oooohhhh mmmyyy i wanna tell this someday. .

    Thank you Kryzzzie for inspiration.

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