March 25, 2020



YAS, rejoice 90s babies- the ‘90s trend is here to stay. I’ve curated a short list of my fave pieces from this decade to guide those of you out there who want to give this trend a shot. Let me know which one you like best!


1. Belt Bags

Hate it or love it- the fanny pack is back. Whether you’re a hypebae neck-deep in this trend, or a glam girl who just wants to give it a shot- there are so many options to suit your style. Pick an all-leather version in a solid color for a more sophisticated look, or go for nylon and prints to bring out your youthful side. Aside from its obvious functionality– creativity comes in how you style and wear your belt bag. Sling it around your shoulder, on your waist, or on your hip- there are so many possibilities!

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2. Hype Jackets

These you can find anywhere – even at your local thrift stores! Windbreakers are the perfect transitional outerwear piece, especially since the coming months will be a mix of wet and dry. I personally like the ones that come oversized and in thin fabrics. They’re comfortable, and super in trend.


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3. Bucket Hats

This is one of the fashion comebacks that probably confused me the most, to be honest! The bucket hat, or fisherman’s hat to the OG 90s kid, has taken the street style world by storm! I’ve grown to love it- especially the ones from Burberry!



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4. Baby Tee

Once you go cropped, you don’t go back. I love that the cropped top has made a come back and has stayed in fashion across so many seasons. It has an effortless way of elongating your torso, which is an absolute plus for petite girls like me. It’s such a versatile item that you can dress up with a skirt for brunch dates or easily pair with high-waisted jeans and your go-to white sneakers when you’re feeling lazy. It’s the new basic, and it’s here to stay!


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5. Round Glasses

This style started in the ’70s but was later brought back in the 90s with a smaller, more minimal design. Round glasses are not only super flattering for more angular face shapes, but they also look extra cute and quirky too! Your outfits will easily look more playful with a pair of round frames on your eyes.


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6. Combat Boots

If you want to go extra and really channel that inner 90s baby spirit, then try pairing your outfit with some combat boots. And remember, the chunkier the boots, THE BETTER! Can anyone say, Spice Girls? Not feeling too grunge? Try pairing your boots with a floral mini dress for that feminine-masculine juxtaposition.

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7. Scrunchies

It’s the one thing on this list that I currently can’t leave the house without! I always have an extra one in my just-in-case bag because you never know when you might need it. A thick scrunchie in a metallic or bold print is an easy way to get playful with your hairstyle, without having to put in too much effort.

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8. Backpacks

Mini backpacks are back and that’s a fact! I’m obsessed with them for work and travel because it keeps me hands-free! It’s just the perfect piece to bring with you whether you’re catching a flight or using it as your day bag while you run errands around your city. If you need more reasons to get yourself one, then you should consider these things: it’s comfortable, easy to carry and very practical – PLUS, it’s pretty stylish to take with you from day to night, yes?

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9. Brown lipsticks

BROWN LIPSTICKS. PERIOD. Back in the ‘90s, bold, brown or deep-berry shades were so trendy and it’s finally creeping its way back into our faces today. I’d personally pick a warm shade that’s one notch darker than my original lip color- so it looks natural but bold!


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  1. Yaaaaaas! 90’s fashion is baaack! 💯🔥🔥🔥 Yung belt bag, bucket hat and over sized jacket (denim) is super trend nowadays na dati hate ko kasi parang old na haha Thank you for sharing this Ms. Kryz 😊😊

  2. Got the belt bag, cropped top, brown lippie and hype jacket! Scrunchy nalang. Saka I want combat boots that will suit my style and round glasses that will suit my face. No muna sa backpack cause I’m so afraid of getting robbed 😂

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