#YoungAndKryzzzie Ke Tseng and Church Wedding


I’m overwhelmed with happiness because of the warmth and love we received from you guys. I know most of you were just as excited as we were.

I can’t thank you enough for staying with us and celebrating the love that Slater and I have for each other.

In one way or another, you are part of this romantic narrative and I’m happy to share with you more of what went down before “I do”. This vlog includes our KeTseng- or the Chinese tradition of “dowry”, our despedida de soltera party and our intimate church wedding!

It’s GRWM – #YoungAndKryzzzie wedding edition Part 2!

Jason Magbanua (SDE) 


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  1. 4:02 – Ka shofa jod aning shyra ooyyy
    11:50- Laban lang jod sa panginabuhi hahaha

    Ana si slater ok ra daw ng corrupted files basta di lang corrupt sa iyang love hahahaha!

  2. Congratulations Kryz! Welcome to the club, as they say. I am just new to this club as I got hitched also in November of last year.
    As expected, your wedding is so beautiful. Slater and you looked perfect on your wedding day. We truly felt the love and genuine happiness.
    I am just a curious follower here. Why did you decide to have an intimate and an ordinary wedding at church and an extravagant and lavish garden wedding?
    I know you don’t owe me or your followers an explanation about your special day nonetheless I just want to know. Pasensya kay chismosa. 🙂
    Once again Congrats and I wish you and Slater to have more babies! 🙂

    1. Thank you! And hey, congratulations on your wedding as well!
      I’m so happy that you continuously cheer on us. 🙂
      About the two weddings – we originally planned to have a garden wedding but, the church doesn’t consider the venue as a consecrated place so we had to go through an intimate wedding inside the church.

      Pressure sa babies, but nonetheless, thank you sa love and support! ❤️

  3. Aahhhh! Congratulation kryz!! You look so pretty!! Loved your gowns!! ❤️❤️❤️ I know it’s weird but I’m really curious what kind of bra you wore during your 2nd wedding day prep while your were in a slip dress. Hope you’ll do a video on the essentials needed on that day! That would be nice. 😊

  4. Congrats kryz for the wedding of your dreams! I wanted to ask some advice for couples who are not yet married. Do you agree with toni gonzaga on purity before marriage? Or do you think its too old-fashioned?

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