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May 25, 2023

A Millionaire’s Birthday, P400,000 hotel room, Sevi’s First Cake, Laureen is Engaged!

My baller friend Chase celebrated his birthday at NuStar’s Resort’s P400,000 villa at Fili Hotel. I never thought I’d ever get to stay in a villa that costs that much, but thanks to Chase, our whole family and some friends got to experience it. It was so fun to swim in a private pool and have 3 full sized bedrooms all to ourselves!


The celebration continued with a dinner at Mott 32 and an after party at Axis Bar. There were so many surprises, I can’t even remember which one I enjoyed the most! Maybe winning P10,000 in cash but waiving it cause I was too embarrassed to receive it? lol All in all, it was a jam-packed weekend and I’m so happy to take you guys with us. Photography by

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