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November 7, 2022

All Souls Day, family Field Trip, Riding an Excavator

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Every 1st of November, we usually visit the dead at the cemetery and temples. The pandemic has put a halt to this tradition so Scottie had never been a part of it. This year, I was so excited to let him see some family members and relatives as we slowly brought that tradition back. Unfortunately, he had other plans 😅 life with a 2-year old I guess?

We decided to lift our spirits with a trip to Monterazzas or daddy slater’s workplace to see some excavators and other construction site trucks. Scottie is obsessed with them! We spent hours just walking around, enjoying the view, and climbing up the heavy equipment. A family field trip! Sevi seemed to enjoy it too! Scottie wants to move na 😂 Hope you guys enjoy this one!

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