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6 Types of Asian Eyebrows Shapes and How to Style Them

Types of Asian Eyebrows

Having perfectly shaped brows give women the perfect look to CONQUER anything.

In a world full of video conferences and Youtube vlogs where your face is the main star, you NEED an eyebrow shape that’s suited for you.

In this guide, we explore the right brow trend for you and help you STEAL THE SPOTLIGHT with the perfect Asian eyebrows to highlight your features and beauty.

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What Asian Eyebrow Shapes Can You Try?

Shape Types

Here, we give you some inspirational eyebrow shapes to complement your features. Check out the Asian brows we have for you!

1. Simple Eyebrows

Simple eyebrows are perfect for you if you want classic and easy eyebrow shapes for your everyday appearance.

These brows are great for highlighting your face and features more SUBTLY. They look completely natural and can complement ALMOST ALL face shapes.

2. Korean Eyebrows or Straight Brows

For those with longer or more oval-shaped faces, what’s better than iconic eyebrow shapes made specifically for you?

Korean eyebrows or straight brows will give you your favorite K-drama star appeal wherever you go!

Your friends will envy you with these simple, straight, and neat eyebrows that are so on-trend with a lot of celebrities today. A straight brow is also very popular among models and most Asian women.

If this Korean-esque look is something you want to try out, make sure to read our comparison guide between Korean and American makeup to learn the right approach for your routine!

3. Innocent Eyebrows

If you want to resemble the demure, Asian women’s faces always portrayed in shows, these are the eyebrows for you.

This brow starts of thicker in the middle, tapering off to give you a slightly thinner end.

We have to warn you that this brow is a bit more intricate and challenging than other eyebrow shapes, but are well worth it once you get the hang of it. It will highlight your eyes and make your face look thinner.

4. Thick Asian Brows

Thick Asian brows are excellent for the more adventurous Asian women who are after a unique look.

Not only will you get thick brows, but also a unique and entrancing arch and texture that’s great fun to try out.

5. Dark Brown Asian Brows

As we will talk about later, jet black eyebrows aren’t always the way to go.

Asian women can try the dark brown eyebrows that complement ANY SHADE of black or brown hair. This brow trend just look more suitable for you!

Just remember to get the right shade of brow pencil so you can take the world by storm!

6. Curvy Asian Brows

The curvy Asian brows are a fabulous and chic eyebrow shape that’s great for highlighting your features and giving you a look that will stand out from the crowd.

How to Shape Asian Eyebrows Perfectly

Step 1: Groom Your Brows

Step 1

This first step is more of a WEEKLY ROUTINE that women should try to incorporate into their favorite me time.

Asian eyebrow shapes tend to be thick and luxuriant, which is generally a good thing. These thick brows are considered a fashionable look for women this year.

But the thick Asian brow isn’t always the best in every situation and for all women.

Pay Attention to the Shape

If you regularly shape your eyebrows, you need to groom them frequently. There are no taming thick brows, NO MATTER how much product you use or how many times you try to color it in.

Plus, you need to see your natural eyebrow shape to determine what brow trends will suit you.

You can either get a professional to shape your brows for you or do it yourself. You can also choose between tweezing, threading, or waxing, depending on your preference for a brow shape.

All women (and maybe even men) will attest to this!

Step 2: Choose the Right Eyebrow Shape

Step 2

Before you start drawing in your eyebrow shape, you need to choose one first.

Many people underestimate the power your eyebrow has over your face. Eyebrow shapes can COMPLETELY CHANGE someone’s look.

Do you want to look friendly or assertive? Or maybe you want to have your eyebrow shape on fleek for an extra special occasion?

Whatever it is, you can use our guide above to give you an idea of the result that will level up your appearance.

Step 3: Buy the Right Shade for You

Step 3

While most Asian women have black hair, that doesn’t mean your favorite product HAS to be black.

For most women, black shades make their faces look too harsh, especially when they start filling it in.

And even if you’ve got the perfect technique to get those perfect arches, using the incorrect shade can make your eyebrows look too intense, particularly for Asian skin tones.

Here's a Tip:

If you have black hair like most Asian women, then get a lighter shade than your natural black locks. You can get something close, such as charcoal, ash-gray, dark gray, or even dark brown pencil.

Don’t go for an outrageously out-of-place color!

For those with colored hair, you can try experimenting with your shade. For example, if you have blonde hair, you can bleach your brows to look MORE CONSISTENT with your overall appearance.

Just remember the general rule of thumb:

Get something that at least MATCHES the shade intensity of your hair, not just your brow colour. This will surely get anyone one step closer to the perfect brow, regardless of their eyebrow shapes!

Do the same for your eyelashes as well! Get a mascara that won’t look too harsh when paired with your overall eye look.

You can take a look at our guide on The Different Types of Eyelash Extensions to help you choose the best type to match your look!

Step 4: Create a Guide You Can Follow

Step 4

If you’re a newbie, this tip will be particularly handy for you.

Regardless of how easy Youtube vloggers make it look, using freehand to draw in your eyebrows can be difficult and exasperating for most.

This is particularly true for beginners or Asian women who are pressed for time when rushing to get through morning traffic. Note that this tip applies to all curved eyebrow shapes and NOT those who want a straighter eyebrow line.

Use a ruler to mark out the following points on your skin:

  • Head of your brow – use your ruler aligned vertically straight along the corner of your nose
  • Highest point – align the ruler with the corner of your nose and through the center of your eye
  • Tail – measure from the corner of your nose along the outer edge of your bottom eyelid (should not be higher than the head)

Step 5: Start from the Center

Step 5

One important thing to remember is YOU NEED to brush your eyebrow hair downwards first before filling it in. This will give you a good overview of all the areas that are bald or sparse.

Now, a lot of beginners start from the middle, lower portion of the eyebrow. However, this is NOT the ideal way to do it.

Start from the center of the eyebrow you are shading. The idea is this will avoid eyebrows that are too aggressive in the middle.

  • Get the darkest colors of your eyebrow palette and START SHADING in the center, as this is where you will find the most hair.
  • Move towards the 2 outer edges of your brow using a lighter shade the farther out you are. This will give you a natural arch.

For those just using 1 shade of pencil, soften your touch for a lighter shade and use a spoolie or brush to blend it.

Step 6: Flick Away

Step 6

All newbies have an idea that shading your eyebrows is the same as filling in a coloring book. This isn’t at all true!

Any professional will tell you to use short, flicking strokes.

This will make your curve look a lot more natural, as it replicates the individual hairs. Some may even recommend that you use featherlike strokes, which will require nothing short of time and patience for you to master.

Slowly build up the shading and resist the urge to just fill in those sparse spots.

Step 7: Blend It

Step 7

Blending is the cornerstone of makeup application. You will not get the best curve for your eyes if you don’t do this!

Sticking to this one tip will help you avoid any harsh, demarcating lines in your brows and give you a natural appearance despite wearing makeup.

Step 8: Practice, Practice, Practice!

Step 8

Now that you have got a good idea of what you need to do to achieve that perfect brow shape, remember to be patient and practice. Even the best artists out there started where you are right now!

Final tip: Try to practice applying your makeup when you’re not busy or in a hurry so you can take your time! You don’t have to make any mistakes, especially if you have sensitive eyes.

If you do have sensitive eyes, you can take a look at our Review of the Best Eye Makeup for Sensitive Eyes to incorporate into your Asian-eyebrow-look.


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