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5 Asian Makeup Tips for the Eyes, Skin, Lips, and Cheeks

5 Asian Makeup Tips

Asian makeup and skincare have slowly been making their mark internationally over the last few years.  

Korean beauty, in particular, has been having its moment in the sun.

Let’s take a look at some ways to get the perfect Asian makeup look.

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Natural Asian Makeup

Many major trends like glass skin and hybrid beauty products are coming straight out of South Korea and onto international runways, magazines, and expert makeup tutorials.

The idea behind a natural “no makeup” makeup comes from the Asian aesthetic of looking fresh and youthful. 

You’ve probably already stumbled upon many makeup tutorials on it.

There’s an emphasis on glowing skin, bright skin tone, and a flawless complexion. No shade is too colorful or intense on your Asian skin tone, and everything SEAMLESSLY blends into each other.

Here are a few makeup tricks and tips to remember to achieve a clean and youthful look.

1. Fresh, Dewy, and Prepped Skin

1. Fresh Dewy Prepped

Easily, the most important part of a natural Asian makeup look is the skin

Asian beauty is all about flawless makeup with Asian skin that looks like a gloss.

This is why skincare is so important, sometimes even more so than the actual makeup.


After you moisturize, don’t be afraid to use a glowy primer for a bit of gloss and sheen.

Add a little bit of cream highlighter in a natural shade onto your cheekbones and along your nose bridge underneath any foundation or concealer for that lit from within look. A darker shade will look harsh so just be mindful.

2. Even Skin

2. Even

Let’s say you’ve already got skincare down, but your makeup look hasn’t quite got that GLOW FACTOR that Asian people so easily seem to have; here’s what you do.

Focus on neutralizing your Asian skin tone before foundation.

Asians LOVE using color-correcting shades to neutralize any discolorations on the face. It’s basic color theory, nothing too difficult.


In this case, getting the right shade and tone in your complexion is the key.

  • If you’ve got redness, cancel out with a green shade.
  • If you’ve got shades of blue or purple darkness, cancel out with a peach shade.
  • Looking slightly yellow and washed out, neutralize with a purple shade.

It doesn’t seem very easy at first, but it’s pretty easy once you get the hang of it. 

Plus, you can even use a CC cream if you need to color-correct bigger areas of your face.

3. Barely-There Foundation

3. Barely-There

After covering obvious discolored spots on the face, everything looks even; it’s time to use foundation and concealer.

Foundations can be a little tricky because you want to make sure you look FLAWLESS with little to no texture on your face without using too much product.

Otherwise…it looks cakey.

Depending on the Asian woman, or the person wearing the makeup, the formula of the foundations you use will vary but try going for a natural or dewy finish.

Remember, with Asian makeup… LESS. IS. MORE. Any Asian woman can attest to this.

Use a lightweight and dewy finish foundation,

  • Start from the center of your face, thinning the product out as you get to the edges.
  • Concealer will cover any other areas that the foundations cannot.

If you’re having a hard time matching a shade, then test a few out on the bottom of your face by your jaw. That way, there won’t be a clear line between your neck and your face when you’re wearing foundation.

You can also opt for a BB cream or CC cream makeup products if you think that foundation might be too heavy for your skin.

4. The Eyes Have It

4. The Eyes Have It

Another one of the main points in natural Asian makeup is the eye makeup look.

Many people have monolid eyes that can be TRICKY to put eyeshadow and eye makeup on.

If you don’t understand, imagine spending 30 minutes blending eye makeup on your eyes only to open them up, and it’s gone.

That’s usually the case with monolids which is why the Asian eye makeup look is so DISTINCT. Not to mention, most Asians have dark eye color.

This is especially since Asian eyebrows and lashes are very unique.

Don’t worry though, even if you don’t have monolids, use these tips and tricks to channel the same eye makeup aesthetic.

  • Use a light eyeshadow and eye makeup shade all over your lid to start.
  • Then work from the lash line to the brow bone, going from darker shade to lighter shade. You can use either a cream or powder eyeshadow AS LONG AS you blend the lighter shade properly.
  • Next, use dark brown eyeliner and get it as close to your lash line as possible. Some eye makeup looks have the liner extending straight outwards or slightly up for a small wing (It depends on your preference).
  • Finish off the look with a shimmery shadow on the center of the top lid, the lower lid, and the inner corner.

Brightening up the inner corners and layering on mascara will make the eyes look open and awake, giving a doe-eyed and youthful look.

5. Monochromatic Lips and Cheeks

5. Monochromatic

The monochrome lipstick and blush look are ALL OVER Instagram and Youtube makeup tutorials. 

Some Asian makeup artist and gurus even like to use lip tints to achieve this look.

Matching your lipstick to your blush gives you an all-over polished look adding to the clean and youthful aesthetic.

Use a warm shade on your blush and lipsticks to give a sunkissed glow. 

Keep the colors AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE; if they can be the same shade, that’s even better!

  • Brush on some color RIGHT by your cheekbones into the CENTER of your face. This will make a face look lifted and young.
  • Vivid lips and lipsticks are common in everyday Asian makeup and beauty. With the lipstick, start from the middle of the lip, working your way out.
  • A blurred lip line is trendy, so extend the lipstick to the edge of the lip.
  • Then use a Q-tip or brush to blend the lipstick past the lips, making them look fuller and more natural.
  • Finish the lip with a gloss for a plumped effect.



We hope that these makeup tricks and tips gave you a little insight into achieving the youthful, natural glow of Asian make-up.

Most of these root ALL THE WAY from traditional Korean makeup.

These steps are pretty simple and easily adaptable to your everyday routine since it’s not really about the product but more so the application.

Now, you’re all set to try out a fresh, natural make-up look!


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