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July 4, 2024

Baby 3 is finally here!, Kids meet Little Cute for the 1st time, Labor and Delivery Story

Our precious new angel is finally here! The moment I have been praying and preparing for came last Saturday in the middle of the night. Hubs and I rushed to the hospital to meet him and despite all of the obstacles and intense pain, he was out in 2 pushes! God is good.

My favorite moments are when the kids came to visit us and see baby for the first time. It was sooo special to have them meet their little brother after months of waiting. Scottie was beyond excited as expected. He even cried when we told him it was time to let baby rest and he had to go home. What a sweetheart he really is. Sevi on the other hand was less sensitive and more amazed that he was finally seeing baby irl. Like all my stories actually came true! lol It was a joy to witness their reactions and so so happy we got to document to watch again when they’re older.

Welcome to the family, Little Cute!

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