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August 8, 2022

Baby slept through the night!, Big Shopping Haul (Zara, Berskha, H&M)

For today’s vlog, I thought I’d share some kikay things with you instead of the usual messy home situation. Because Sevi’s such a chill baby, I’ve been having more time to myself lately. Not only do I get to do a lot more work (finished a sack of Liteblock audits- yay me!), I also get a few more minutes of me time in my vanity! So while my boys were busy today, I did a little bag raid/what’s in my bag segment! It ended up being a demonstration for White Flower and my new discovery that is definitely a game changer for those who get mask-nausea lol. Who’s an OG #whiteflower user like me???

I’m sure you’ll ask me for links so here they are!

mask diffuser:

White Flower #CalmTogether


Kurin water:

Slip dress:…

Personalized Wallet and Alcohol holder:…

I also went shopping in a mall for the first time in 3 years! I can’t tell you how amazing it felt lol. I had to rush to get 3 shops in 1.5hours since I had to be back home to breastfeed Sevi. I’m glad I gave myself a time limit otherwise I would have shopped even more. Revenge shopping ba to?? lol I did a haul in the end to show you what I got. Thoughts? Do you like what I picked out?

watch full video here:

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