August 4, 2021

Beauty Investments…. YAY or NAY?!


Jack and I got a great free time while we were in Singapore. As we’re chilling during our downtime, we started trading a few personal beauty and grooming experience.

Going over our self-care chat, we realized how lucky we are that we can naturally share things like this. Other than Jack, I also have my other older sister Dianne, and my very kikay Mommy Irene to tell me what to do or not to do.

For some, they only have the TV or the internet content to rely on and there wasn’t as much discussion on beauty investment as we would have liked.

So, while going back and forth on what are our best beauty decisions so far, we decided to list a few notable choices and give you this special sister edition – Beauty Investments… Yay or Nay.

Hope this gives you great advice, and don’t forget to share what you and your sister/s taught you in the comments below!

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  1. Yes! I just realize that laser treatment is more worth it and less hassle and I started my session this year lang. Then this year gonna save up for my next year’s oplan teeth braces hehe

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