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July 21, 2021

Benefair Las Vegas

Still can’t get over the fact that I’m in Las Vegas right now. I can’t get over this city- (maybe since I haven’t slept in a week? LOL) Well, to be fair, I always can’t get over any of my travels! I love learning about different cultures and living like a local- you all probably know that pretty well! And since so many of your guys want to hear more about this trip, I’m popping it up ahead for you. Video version here. Here are my first 2 days in the city with Benefit. Enjoy!

 I arrived 12 midnight on the 11th of May to a gorgeous room in The Cosmo full of Benefit swag just waiting for me. OMG!!! Every girl’s dream!

Coming from a long haul flight didn’t make me feel magical at all, but my room sure did!

This is what I saw outside my window. I couldn’t believe it. A dream!

The next day, I got to meet all the other influencers from all over the world (about 40 of us) at the Benefair at SLS hotel. I was so scared to not know anyone since I was the only Filipina there, but I ended up having such a great time with new found friends.

I wore this beautiful Mango maxi dress- isn’t it gorgeous???

The place was set up like a carnival and Belly and I went straight for the fun games and the food! Isn’t she gorgeous? She’s from Singapore, and she’s the first one I made friends with at the party.

Benefit projected all moving billboards on all the walls of the building. Amazing! My face even showed up!

I also got to meet Youtube greats like Kathleen Lights, Kandee Johnson, Patrick Starr and Jen from Head to Toe who apparently was already following me. How cool is that???

The show started with the twins (and nieces) of the founders of Benefit, who welcomed us to Vegas and hosted the event. And just like any Vegas carnival- we had magicians and of course- pole dancers!

I got my caricature done too!

The next day, we entered Youtube heaven with a room full of personal ring lights and make up tables. It was the launch of Benefit’s new Brow collection- full video review on these here.

And after the event, we all came home with the full collection in our shade, a cute token: poker chips with our faces on it, and this super pretty benefit suitcase where they all kept it in!

This was my make up look for the event- using the Benefit Brow products. What do you think?

16 Responses

  1. Omggg!!! Las Vegas is totally a nice placeee but far here. I so love looking at the pictures te kryz! The benefair was also cute too! You’re a goddess in that brow!~

  2. whoaaa!!!!! suya much! you’re definitely the best person to represent philippines. nakit-an nimo si tati westbrook? waaaaaa super super idol jud na nako sha. for me best beauty guru so far sa youtube world! hehe

  3. Hi Kryz, forgive me for fangirling over and over and over again whenever I see you and Jen frmheadtotoe together. It’s just that you’re probably the only blogger I religiously follow and look up to and Jen’s the only YouTube vlogger that I get excited about. So seeing the two women I really idolize together really makes the fangirl in me super happy as if I was the one who got to met you and Jen. Thank you for making us part of your Las Vegas experience and enjoy the rest of your stay in the US 🙂

  4. Aammaazing! Super nice, Kryz! I got even more excited when I found out that you were the only filipina that was invited. Glad I followed you on Snapchat and saw your snaps real time! #fangirling

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