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August 29, 2022

Besties flew to see me!, Nights out and recovery, Boating with the Skyfam

After 3 long years, I finally got to see Nicole Andersson, Lissa Kahayon and Trish Ayson, some of my closest friends from Manila! Full name talaga! lol Their one half of the #bloggerbesties and we had a little reunion when they surprised me with a trip to Cebu! I’m so happy they finally got to meet my new growing family. The last time they saw me, I was pregnant with Scottie. We unknowingly joked that the next time we would get to hang out, Scott would be walking already. Fast forward to today and a pandemic later, I have 2 kids and Scott can not only walk, but run, talk and even play pranks on them!

We went out for some good food and drinks (yes, mama went out!). Slater was shookt that I actually lasted past 10PM lol. We also did a full day on a huge boat that my good friend Chase rented for us. It was nice to have a jam packed itinerary after being so used to staying home. But to be honest, my social battery is all used up and I need a recharge! Hindi na sanay lol

Of course, beauty is and will always be a part of it. Even though my self care regimen has shifted, it still exists and is more specific and than ever! I’ve talked about hairfall before and how #haircare is so important. So today, I share with you my go to hair mask and hair essence from #jul7me, a kbeauty brand that I’ve been absolutely obsessed with. I’ve been using the anti hair fall shampoo and treatment since I got it, and it’s been great. But my favorite is the non wash hair pack because it really does keep my hair hydrated and smelling so good the entire day! You can check out more of their stuff here:

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  1. I really love your vlogs and I just discovered that you kept on updating your blogs. Even though I love your vlogs, I personally wanted to read what you have written also. It’s like more personal and refreshing-I would say. Cause it’s like reading a letter from a long time no see friend from a far.

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