3 years ago

Bisaya Makeup Challenge

Happy Easter you guys!

I know some of you are on full vacation mode and some are simply chilling at home. But…anywhere you are, know that I am so excited to say that the most requested makeup challenge is here. Wuhooooo!

It’s time to brush up on your Bisaya with me on this super fun #BisayaMakeupChallenge.

To those who don’t know this, I was born and raised in Cebu City. While I’m proud that I know and understand the language by heart, I am still having quite a few difficulties in speaking Bisaya straight. I think most, if not all has experienced this too – after all, we’ve been borrowing a lot of non-Bisaya words and we’ve been trained to speak other languages growing up.

I appreciate you guys for encouraging me to do this – I’ve read all your comments and I’m really happy that I’ve done one of your many requests! Keep them coming and enjoy my Easter gift!

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  1. Hi Kryz! I was wondering, when you buy things from Revolve, do you have to pay additional fees for customs once it gets to the Philippines? Or do they deliver it straight to your doorstep?

  2. Gorgeous as ever, Kryz! Btw, where did you get your Leica lens cap holder so it never gets lost? I have a Leica Q and I always misplace the lens cap and Ive been looking for a string to attach it to the camera so it never goes missing.

  3. hello ate. i really like your make-up vids, you’re really good at it. can you please do one inspired by jeffree star, you know, he has a really complicated yet beautiful style. i just wanna see how are you going to rock that! iloveu and goodluck

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