August 4, 2021

Bisaya Q&A

You guys loved the first one so much- here’s round two!

It’s gonna be a fun one today! We looove speaking in Bisaya- in fact, its the language we usually use when we talk to each other. For all of you who can’t understand us though- don’t worry! We’ve sub-ed out the whole video for you, so enjoy!

P.S. Can’t believe you guys noticed how much Slater sleeps 😛 What else do you notice on my Instagram stories?

2 Responses

  1. Slater should do it, I think very nice idea jud if his content about fixing stuff/egineering side which is knowledgeable siya.

  2. Engineering stuff it is! I think nice jud nga idea if his content is about ana nga stuff since knowledgeable siya ana nga side. And mostly breathe of fresh air siguro if ing ana naa sa iyahang channel, all about stuff. Aside ana makahelp pas uban pips

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