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Boucheron Quarte Ring: A Tribute

As mentioned in my previous post, a few days ago, I was given the amazing opportunity to fly to HongKong for a legendary jewellry brand: Boucheron, Paris. They tapped seven of their favorite international bloggers from Paris, Tokyo, London, HongKong and Dubai to come up with a series of photos showcasing our own interpretations of their classic Quatre ring.

The Quatre ring is composed of four aesthetics,  creating four beautiful bands linked together. Each band is inspired by the city of Paris- the cobblestones, the intricate detail of the bridge above the River Seine and the like. When linked together, they form a nostalgic ring that connects the wearer to the city of Love in a memorable and beautiful way. 

That being said, the theme for my set of photos is: Love. What better word to describe this piece of art than the city of Love? I spent a few months living in Paris back in my Junior year at college, and fell in love with the city and its amazing history, culture and architecture. These rings brought all those memories back to me in a flush of emotion (those of you following me on twitter @kryzzzie might have caught my trip down Parisian memory lane a few weeks ago!). I used that emotion to come up with the photos above. Nothing but beautiful, romantic and nostalgic love for a glamorous, historial city.

What do you think? Check out the other bloggers’ interpretations here!
Thank you so much again to Boucheron for making me a part of this amazing tribute, and to all my readers for making this opportunity possible. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!
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83 Responses

  1. So happy for you, Kryzzie! I’m not surprised that you’re one of the chosen people to be a model of those lovely jewelries. And gaad, I so love the outfit! So classy. More power, pretty <3

  2. Gasp!! These photos are amazing you look beautiful…well you always look beautiful, but you look even more beautiful! also the rings are nice

  3. Wow, you look so beautiful in your sexy lace back dress and your sexy strappy heels, Kryz!!! You are sooo pretty, beautiful, and gorgeous Kryz!!! xoxo

  4. I’m in love with the dress!!! It looked pretty in your perfect body shape. And I must say you showcased the jewelry best (and you’re the prettiest among the bloggers I must say). You’re definitely marvelous kryz.

  5. Pretty dress but I think you lost a string! (On your second to the last picture). Hopefully you were still covered up despite the dress malfunction!

  6. its so sexy but classy! can u pls give me links for laureen, camille and others who wore the same dress? id like to compare on how it was worn.. 🙂

  7. I knew you’d take a spin on this dress and that’s pairing it with a sequined blazer and sexy heels! Not only you look great in this look but your photos are breathless! Fangirling much! <3

  8. i think you have the best classy!

    btw, if you dont mind what brand and shade of lipstick did you use here?


    1. translation:
      You and Very beautiful and extremely stylish! Congratulations For Your Good Taste! I am a huge fan of his Brazilian, Kisses

  9. Hi ms. Kryz! I recently bought a playsuit and a dress that has an open back. I can see that we both have the same love for such clothes :).
    Unlike the dress you are wearing, the playsuit/dress that I have bought doesn’t have any pads. Can you help me find the perfect bra to match with them?

    thanks and more power to you ms. Kryz!

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