3 years ago

Boyfriend VS Sister

We’re putting some of the people closest to me to the test! Who knows me better- my boyfriend or my sister? Things get pretty heated up and tears start coming for one of us… dun dun dunnnn what could have happened? Watch and let me know what you think! Enjoy!!!


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  1. Make slater dance in a crowded place wearing his previous valentines costume(the heart one) hahahahah!peace✌😂

  2. Congratulaton Ms.Kryz!!! 😀 best wishes
    by the way what’s your favorite animal I didnt hear what Mr.Slater answer hahahaha

  3. Done watching :), Asta nakung lingawa sa inyung 3 ba,sipat over load. hihi ..Ang kiay.x sa gyud ni slater .haha cute. Looking forward for more fun vlogs and travel vlogs too 🙂

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