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August 3, 2022

Breakfast in the mountains, Doctor’s visit, Cleaning Sevi’s Room

Today, we finally had a family day out in a restaurant. A first! It took us a while to get there because Sevi had a massive spit-up/puking situation in the car and we had to turn back… but hey, we made it! My in-laws chose this restaurant up in the mountains called Nomad’s Refuge. The staff was so nice and friendly! They even gave us some lettuce to take home for free!

I also got myself a new ROIDMI vacuum. It’s my goal to have one cordless vacuum in each room of the house for easier cleaning. What a goal, I know! But for a mom/homebody like me, having each space operate optimally brings me happiness. This vacuum is actually super cool because it looks amazing and has this 2-in-1 mop feature which I thoroughly enjoy. Easier to clean spilled milk! Find out more about ROIDMI vacuums here:

We also visited the doctor for the boy’s monthly vaccines. We weren’t allowed to film much when we were there but trust me when I say they were troopers. Scottie in particular just needed a little candy and then he was all okay. Dr. Michelle said Sevi was gaining a loooot and that I was probably over feeding him, hence the massive puking situation. Oops! Sorry, my chunky monkey!

watch the full video here:

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