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Camu Camu Benefits for Skin: How and Why You Should Use It

Camu Camu Benefits for Skin

You don’t need to go all the way to Brazil to experience the proven skin benefits Camu Camu has to offer.

Camu Camu is an EXCELLENT way of giving your skin the vitamin C it needs and it’s more effective than your average orange. Find out what it is, what its specific benefits are, and more below!

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What is Camu Camu?

Your instincts should tell you all categories of fruit are great for the body and the skin.

They all contain some amount of Vitamin C, along with other vitamins and minerals that are CHOCK full of benefits for you.

But what you didn’t expect was…

Camu Camu is a product that’s in its own league. This plant is a vitamin C SUPERFOOD if there ever was one.

Camu Camu berries are a type of fruit that grows out of a small, bushy plant/tree in the Amazon rainforest in the South American region of Brazil or Peru.

These small, red/purple berries are about the same size as a cherry.

WAIT! There's More!

Its skin, pulp, and seeds all contain antioxidants and are EXTREMELY HIGH in vitamin C.

In fact, it contains more Vitamin C than oranges by about 40 times or 100 times more than that in lemons of the same weight!

To put that into perspective…

1 teaspoon of this superfood contains 682mg of vitamin C. TAKE THAT, ordinary orange!

Fun Facts

  • This powerful berry is rich in ellagic acid (a natural phenol antioxidant that can protect skin from free radicals) alongside other vitamins and minerals, including iron, niacin, riboflavin, phosphorous, potassium, beta-carotene, calcium, and amino acids.
  • Besides using it for skin care, plenty of people eat the Camu Camu fruit. You can take it as a juice, puree, pulp, or powder supplement to boost your immunity.
  • This same powder can be added as a skin care ingredient to your masks, lotion, creams, or serums, to give it a boost of vitamin C and antioxidants.

Natural vs. Synthetic Vitamin C

Natural vs. Synthetic

We all know how beneficial this vitamin is for our bodies. But did you know it comes in 2 forms?

  1. Natural vitamin c is found in FOOD, particularly fruits. Its benefit is it can easily be absorbed and processed by the body as nature designed it that way.
  2. The synthetic version, the most popular of which is ascorbic acid, is typically taken as a supplement. While this is quick, cheap, and easy, it comes with one disadvantage.

Synthetic forms are not always used at the appropriate pH levels our bodies need to make a difference.

Plus, some are not fully penetrable nor stable, so our bodies can’t break them down as effectively.

Camu Camu gives you the advantages of the natural form of vitamin C as it’s naturally contained in these berries, while also giving you the convenience the synthetic type offers because they are available in capsule, powder, and other forms.

With the right intake and skincare routine, you could even argue that this vitamin C is just as good as hyaluronic acid!

The 4 Benefits of Camu Camu for Skin

From what you eat, your skin type, and the products you use, skin cells need nourishment from various products and sources. So what exactly does Camu Camu do for your skin that other citrus fruits can’t?

#1 Anti-Aging


This is Camu Camu’s most popular benefit that makes it stand out from other citrus fruits. It’s considered by many to be one of the most effective anti-aging, skin care ingredients available today because vitamin C is integral to collagen production.

You See...

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that greatly reduces and delays signs of skin aging because it can act as your body’s defense AGAINST free radicals.

Plus, this is one of those skin care ingredients that have multiple benefits.

As we’ve said, Camu Camu prevents free radical damage. But more than that, it also:

  • Preserves collagen production, and
  • Protects you against environmental damage like harmful UVB and UV rays (though you still need to wear SPF sun protection).

Say goodbye to premature fine lines and wrinkles along with that pesky pigmentation!

With the variety of Camu Camu skin care products available from serums, creams, oils, and more, you can definitely incorporate this into your skincare routine to get the full benefits of Camu Camu. Bye, fine lines and wrinkles!

If you’re on a budget, you can also DIY it into your existing skin care products to add an antioxidant boost! There’s NO EXCUSE for not getting the right vitamin C levels now.

If you aren’t sure which anti-aging products are good to pair with Camu Camu, take a look at our Review of the Best Korean Anti-Aging Beauty Products to get started.

#2 Anti-Inflammatory


With its anti-inflammatory properties, research has shown that Camu Camu can delay accelerated aging caused by inflammation.

There are 2 ways you can enjoy this ingredient to get these anti-inflammatory properties:

  1. By applying it directly on your skin, or
  2. By ingesting Camu Camu

For example, you can mix the Camu Camu berry as a raw powder into a sweet juice or into your face masks or serums.

You can also take it as a supplement. There are Camu Camu capsules available too!

#3 Evens Out Skin Tone


The high vitamin C and niacin in Camu Camu make it an excellent pigmentation solution that’s effective against melanin-producing cells.

So whatever skin tone you have, if your face has dark spots, damage, or discoloration due to acne or other causes, Camu Camu will help this fade over time to give you flawless skin.

Camu Camu is also great at removing dead skin cells that can cause pigmentation or dullness, giving you a BRIGHTER, SMOOTHER, and MORE EVEN face.

Try out the Camu Camu Power CX30 Vitamin C Brightening Serum from Peter Thomas Roth to experience the effects of these vitamins yourself! It’ll slough off all your dead skin cells for a much healthier complexion.

Now THAT’S something to write home about.

#4 Treats Acne


Everyone’s had a bad breakout at least once in their life. Stress can cause acne, which causes more stress, which causes more acne. It’s an endless vicious cycle.

However, the high vitamin C content in Camu Camu will save you! It’s a great product to use as an exfoliator or skin-cleansing agent.

Not only do its effects include alleviating acne itself, but it also has properties that will reduce SCARRING.

You can use Camu Camu to prevent, or at least limit, your breakouts and give your skin a smoother, brighter, and more even complexion.

Pairing that up with an acne-treating Korean skincare routine, you’ll be one step closer to saying goodbye to acne!

What to Expect from Camu Camu:

What to Expect

With the regular use of the Camu Camu product of your choice, you can expect several benefits to your skin that you won’t find in any one ingredient.

The benefits of Camu Camu are:

  • Fewer wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, and sagging
  • Dewy, moist skin
  • Bright, even skin tone
  • Firm, supple, and younger-looking skin

If you take Camu Camu as a supplement, the added advantages from this product include:

  • Stronger immune system
  • Improved eye health
  • Improved cognition
  • Help fight off chronic illnesses and infections

Among the chronic illnesses, you can help prevent heart disease and cancer.

Certain studies have also suggested that it can help reduce weight, improve blood sugar levels, and keep your blood pressure at a healthier level.

And while these last few pros need further research, the other proven advantages of this fruit prove its worth, even without these bonus health effects.

Final Thoughts

Camu Camu is a super antioxidant that has tons of uses for your skin and overall health. Say goodbye to those Instagram filters and hello to your natural beauty!

From preventing lines and aging to boosting your immunity, there seems to be nothing this superfood can’t do for you.

This is definitely one powerful ingredient you should incorporate into your diet and skin care routine!


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