11 years ago

Can you say TALENT?

A preview of Danika Navarro‘s awesomeness.

Carved cylindrical heels, studded arches, ostrich leather in mustard all in the sweet and classy mary-jane platform. Nothing but pure YUM.

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    1. being one myself, Cebuanos are more accepting than you think.and no matter where you are,the true mark of great style is the will to open up minds,to push the way people perceive materials that normally don’t go together,or to see unusual color mixes in a whole new light.

  1. Oh wow. No wonder I’ve been getting emails… hahaha! But it’s a good problem 🙂 Thanks Kryzzzzie!!! Glad you love them! Will let you know when the real ones come out. I owe you a pair. 🙂 Sadly though, we might have to wait til’ June. A few things are getting in the way… :/ But I’ll get them produced for sure. I’ll make a way. 🙂

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