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October 11, 2022

Coming home, Youtube gold play button

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Hello #skyfam!

I’ve missed chilling at home with you. I was soooo exited for this day. After being away for a full week, coming home to my boys was the best feeling in the world! I had to wait for the next morning to see them because I arrived pretty late at night. When Scottie came in my room to look for dad, he was surprised to see me there too! Sevi on the other hand gave me the sweetest smile when he opened his eyes and saw me. My heart instantly melted! We bonded over breakfast and pasalubongs!

We did a lot of things in this video- from getting my ear pierced to dog shopping to unboxing my gold play button. While Korea was definitely a welcome change of pace, I’m not gonna lie, being back home felt so much better.

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