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October 27, 2022

conversations with my 2 year old, Scottie’s halloween costume, Saying Goodbye again

The time has come for me to pack my bags once again. This time, both Slater and I are leaving for Paris. When I got the opportunity to go back to the city of love, I felt so thrilled to finally be able to take hubs with me. It’s our first out of town trip since I got pregnant with Scottie, and definitely a welcome break for the two of us. Especially so, since this place is so special to me, but more on that in the next vlog.

For today, we say goodbye to my boys. It wasn’t as painful as the first time, and Scottie was even excited to see us go so he could watch TV and be spoiled by my parents. lol I’m gonna miss this happy noise. I’m gonna miss these clingy boys and our home full of love. Join me for 30 minutes of conversations with my little one. Looking back at this video today makes me miss them even more than I already do. ❤️

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