3 years ago

Day in the life…


I know you’ve been asking a lot about what I’m up to lately.

So… without further ado, let me take you around what going on for me these days.

It’s really sweet how you’ve been following my vlog and I am really happy that I can share with you my typical day now that I’m living with Slater.

Enjoy my little traffic-serye and get a few updates on the Skypod!


3 Responses

  1. Have a collab with Davidwildex! Please. He’s so funny with his videos in Bai Tv haha! The traffic in Salinas drive intersection starts early. As in mga 6 or 7am-ish. There is a short cut from Plaza housing directly to Sudlon part before but now its close.

  2. Hello ate kryz😊 Just to let you know that you really inspired me a lot. Thank you for that😍and I really love watching/reading your vlogs and blogs💖 btw I got your book now😉

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