August 4, 2021

December 2019 Favorites

Woop Woop! We’ve finally made it into the new year! I hope you all had a wonderful time spending the holidays with your loved ones. ❤️

I had a great time with my family as well. Slater & I went to my Parent’s house for Christmas and then we flew to Korea on the 26th for a quick getaway with the Uy family! Even though we didn’t do much (the hubs wouldn’t allow me to ski or do any extreme rides at Lotte World), it was still a memorable time for us-, especially for our nephew and nieces!

Now for today’s video I quickly rounded up a few things that I’ve been loving for the month of December – and yes, it includes food because this soon-to-be momma’s gotta eat for two now! 


PS4 Game : Overcooked

Our Christmas Tree!

Calamansi Juice

Cafe Georg : Banana Bread

Pony Effect Lip Tint

Teviant x Kryz Lip Spell in Sunday Kiss

Nodspark Nail Stickers

The Dutch House by Ann Patchett

Hope you enjoy watching this one!

2 Responses

  1. Always looking forward to your videos, it is something to lighten up my day every day. Keep posting and congratulations and well wishes on new beginnings.

  2. Happy Birthday kryzzie! Happy Birthday kryzzie! Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday Kryz! I treated myself last night a Yifang milktea as my birtday gift for you. Love you 😍🥰🎂

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