9 months ago

The Dyson Airwrap Review + Tutorial!


One sweet review for Dyson Airwrap, ready and up!

It took a bit of time, but I’m so psyched to have filmed this review… finally! I am super in love with this and how it cut most of my prep time (yes, Slater love, you’re welcome).

If you already have a set, hope this review + tutorial helps you big time. If you haven’t yet – uhm, what are you waiting for?

We’re so lucky to have lived in this century and be blessed by power of this technology! Now it’s easier to conquer the world with fabulous hair.



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  1. Hi Kryz! I am so jealous. I’ve been trying to learn how to style my hair since I’ve watched your videos, but always seem to never get it right and most of the time, ended up burning pieces of my hair here and there. 😭 I have now officially stopped, because I’m growing my hair and now slowly letting it recover for my wedding. But I really really really love this product, and I was hoping you could tell me where to purchase one? I’m hoping to save up for this, since it does seem like the better option versus using a curling iron. I hope you get back to me. Thank youuu. 🙂

  2. Is the dyson airwrap auto-voltage? If I buy it in the Philippines, will I be able to use it in the US without a transformer?

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