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February 17, 2024

Easy days at home, Grocery with Sevi, Valentines Day Date

Is it the pregnancy or is it getting harder and harder to vlog?

In today’s episode, a mis mash of random moments from our days lately when my energy levels were past 20% lol. To be honest, it can get tiring to film some times, but I do love documenting days at home with our little family. Definitely shows me that these mundane days are the ones I want to remember. Thankful for this life and for being able to see beauty in the everyday.

We start off with a little pancake making morning- as per Scottie’s request. I’m so happy to have company in the kitchen. Cherishing these moments that the kids want to spend time doing silly activities with me.

My moments with Tobi are well documented here too. For some reason, my energy peaks after my morning coffee and while we have our one on one time. Not complaining! This kid is definitely the family’s little happy pill and I’m happy to share his loveable energy with you today, if you need it.

Ending the vlog with a day date for hubs and my 5th year wedding anniversary. Can you believe how fast time flies? 5 years just like that. I wonder where life will take us in the next.



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