August 4, 2021

Easy Vegetarian Carbonara Recipe #SkyKitchen

Ah, Sunday! The day when Slater and I just enjoy a quiet day at the Skypod, world’s at a pause and we’re talking about building our future together.

Sunday is family day. And just like most homemakers, this is one of those days I can play around in the kitchen, making meals that the hubs and I would (hopefully) enjoy! I never thought of myself as a kitchen whiz (in fact, I’m probably more level zero than anything) but as I always say- it’s in the journey, not the destination! And playing around the kitchen? It’s just so much fun! Slater’s tummy might disagree (lol) but I do hit some special marks sometimes, and this recipe is definitely one of them!


As all of you know, I’m a relative beginner when it comes to cooking. This is why I’m so happy I have Del Monte as my cooking partner today. Instant pasta mixes make my life sooo much easier lol.


It’s so easy! Just saute, pour, and mix my Vegetarian Carbonara with Del Monte Carbonara sauce and I feel like I’m suddenly blessed with magic cooking hands! Of course, I added a little of my personal touch to this recipe too, so make sure you watch the video to see exactly what I did!


What’s the final grade from my love? 100% thumbs up of course! <3

Try this recipe and tag me if you did! Would love to see how you did it!

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