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February 8, 2023

errands day, baking cookies, unexpected date

Hello and happy Sunday, #skyfam!

It’s a busy day for me today. Aside from being the designated family driver, once a week, I head out and get a lot of errands done. Gassing up the car, getting groceries, passing by the pharmacy etc. are actually things I look forward to doing these days because its an act of service for my family. I love being able to do simple things like this for them to make sure the house is running smoothly and everyone is comfortable. I always make time for errands, despite how busy my schedule can be.

Something different though is setting up my box at UNBOX Cebu. It’s located at Central Bloc Mall in IT Park. My brother franchised it and set me up at box FF. I put saging fam stickers all over so you guys could find it. I’m selling a lot of February Lifestyle clearance merch and some of my preloved pieces. Also dropping by for the ribbon cutting today at 2 PM (Jan 22, 2023). Will I see you there?

When I was driving by to get some takeout for lunch, planning to eat by myself in the car, I saw hubs! What a coincidence. I think we really are meant to be. lol We decided to share a meal together. It was really nice getting to spend time with him in the middle of the day.

I also baked some yummy cookies with the kids in the afternoon. Got the recipe from here: , though I’d lessen the flour and cocoa if I were you, as the cookies were a bit too crumbly. We tried to make it again a few days later, and followed the recipe step by step, but it was really crumbly! I also used organic coconut flour, organic cocoa and brown sugar only, and just added a smidge less than a cup, so maybe thats why. I enjoy the baking process more than the result itself as it gives me time to do activities and bond with the boys! Are you guys the same?


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