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January 7, 2024

Everyday Mum Life, Scottie’s New Talent, Date with Sevi

Aaand we are finally back to regular programing! I’m happy that work hasn’t been too hectic yet from the holidays so I can slowly ease my way back into it. Not gonna lie, it’s been so hard to perform at my optimum lately. I feel like it’s because the holiday break was so good for me, I kind of don’t want it to end. Do you guys feel the same way too somehow? More realistically speaking, it’s also 90% due to my pregnancy. It’s a lot harder on me now than it used to be, so I’m trying my best to listen to my body and take it easy. My sister likes to remind me that I’m not as young as I used to be, and that I wouldn’t want to push myself too hard and then regret it later. She’s right. Plus, I’m so thankful to have a full household now that can really help me. I remember back when Scottie was little and we had no one around but us- it was really hard! Now with a full time job, 2 kids and 1 on the way- I can’t imagine doing it without my angels. Shoutout to all the parents out there who do it all by themselves. Y’all are superheroes! I’m so grateful to have this time to spend with the kids now. I admit, the ber months were super busy for hubs and I, and work always took the front seat. Being able to do school pick ups and lunch dates on a weekday are such a luxury, and I hope I can keep at it while I still have the energy. Everyday, the kids fill me with so much joy and happiness and I hope that somehow this vlog shares that energy with you guys too. Happy weekend! Love Bonito: * LBXKRYZ to get 15% off for 3 or more items. Note: this excludes Accessories, &rea, Lifestyle and Studio * link: Baby Brezza: Follow ME: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Tiktok: Music from EPIDEMIC SOUND: (free 30 day trial with link above!)

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