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September 18, 2022

Everyone tested positive, all week alone with the boys, mama hacks and must haves

Hi #Skyfam! Thank you all for the good wishes, we are alive and well! All the angels are resting and recovering, so Slater and I have the boys and house to ourselves. It’s been a full week of nonstop chores and family time for me, but I’m not complaining! I actually learned a lot from this time and realized that I’m so much more capable than I thought!

In today’s vlog, I also share some mama hack recommendations for you just in time for the Lazada Mega Brands Sale this Sept 9-11! You can find all the links down below.

1. White Flower mask diffuser

2. BLK cheek tint

3. Merzy cheek tint

4. betadine nasal spray

5. betadine throat spray

6. kurin water

7. caniboo doctors pants

8. caniboo doctors scrub top

9. bamberry sleep gown or

10. bocu kids set

11. halo sleepsack

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