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September 18, 2022

farm day with the kids, 3 month baby update, boxing for the first time

Welcome back, everyone! We finally made it to the Adlawon Vacation Farm with the boys. I invited my in-laws too, as they are very outdoorsy people and I thought they might enjoy the time with the kids! Of course, everyone has tested negative now and we are all so thankful for the good wishes you have sent our way.

In this vlog, I also talk about some of Baby Sevi’s 3-month-old milestones. I don’t really do baby updates anymore as I did with Scottie Boo, but I found myself constantly checking back at my old videos to see what they were. It’s not to compare, but just to see what I went through back then. A piece of advice I wish I got when I had my firstborn was that there is no hard rule, and no right or wrong. No matter what you choose to do with your kids- as long as you love and care for them, it’s okay! The nitty gritty now just depends on how you want your life to be, how you want to raise them, and how you can best fit your family schedule and dynamic. Whatever it is that you are going through, you are not alone! I thought this little update would help other moms out there too. Let me know if you want more baby updates in the future, so I can film that for you guys!

Also mentioned my fave purchase as of late… the Eufy Baby Monitor. It’s linked to two cameras so I can check baby Sevi’s room and Scottie’s room at the same time. Plus, it does not require WiFi, which is a great backup in case the connection conks out! Get it here:

P.S.We hit one million!!! ONE MILLION SKYFAM MEMBERS!!!! That’s INSANEEEEE. I can’t even begin to fathom how much that number really means. My mind is still in shock lol so let me address that in the next video, but for now, ENJOY my loves!

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