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Do you ever have those moments when you look at your closet brimming with clothes and still say to yourself “I have nothing to wear”? Do you ever feel that even though you’ve practically accumulated waaaay too much jeans and shirts for your own good, that even though you’re currently having trouble finding space for new pieces- it still feels so empty? Empty as in all pieces just don’t seem to make you feel special anymore, they all seem to clash with each other, and you just need a few more key pieces to transform everything and make it all work?

Sistah- I’ve been there too! In the spirit of my recent style videos, today’s post will be dedicated to my first love- fashion. I’ll be sharing a beginner-friendly fashion essentials list that every woman – regardless of your lifestyle – should have. Hopefully having these key pieces in your wardrobe will help you transform what you already have to get you through the seasons. Enjoy!



Everyday Essentials


1.Your Everyday Bag :  one | two

Most people don’t usually think of an ‘Everyday Bag’ as essential to one’s wardrobe but I think investing in a good one that has both good design and huge storage space is important – especially if you’re slowly embracing the Tita life! You’ll need a place to store all those little pouches (toiletries, emergency medicine, make up, coupons), plus your phone, power bank, camera, etc! Make sure this bag comes in a durable fabric like leather and in a neutral tone like black or brown.


2.Classic White tee: one | two

It’s a classic for a reason. This staple can take you absolutely anywhere! Paired with jeans for a basic b look, or with a ruffled skirt and big gold hoops for a bit of flair- this blank canvas can transform with any piece you pair it with! Get one in a boxy high neck silhouette for that boyish look.


3.The perfect jeans: onetwo  |  three

Now this one might take you a while because it’s really hard to find a good pair of jeans that fits like a glove. But my friends, search far and wide because once you find it- it will change your life.


4.Perfect blazer: one two 

Having this go-to piece will save you on days when you have to dress up but don’t have time to fuss over what to wear. Attending an event? Pair it with shorts in a formal fabric and stilettos. Attending a business meeting? Throw it over a fitted top and wear with wide leg slacks for a girl boss look. Casual day out? Match it with jeans, a graphic tee and some sneakers.


5.Men’s watch: one two

Ive said it once and I’ll say  it again, a classic mens watch is an accessory that’s definitely worth investing in. You don’t have to break the bank to get one. You could use an old one from your dad or boyfriend, or get one for cheap at any department store. Or if you want to invest in a good brand- be my guest. I promise you it’s worth it! This versatile piece definitely adds so much character to your outfits, and it never goes out of style.



6. Gold hoop earrings: February Lifestyle 

Have at least one good pair of gold hoops that you can wear on an everyday basis. It’s versatile enough to wear to almost any occasion, and it effortlessly dresses up your look without trying to hard. Plus, it looks so good together with other gold accessories like a slim necklace or a gold watch!




Emergency Outfit






This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning this wardrobe staple that would last you from season after season. Audrey Hepburn was right. The LBD is something every closet must have. If it’s your first one, go for the simplest and sleekest silhouette you can find to look your most sophisticated. Don’t worry about being boring- you can always spice things up with cute accessories like strappy stilettos or funky earrings.

Links to similar styles here: one  |  two




I like to call it the LWD. It’s as classic as your basic black dress, but lighter and fresher. I’m a sucker for an all-white ensemble or a plain white dress.  It looks crisp, chic and always so glam. Just be careful you don’t sit on anything that stains!

Links to similar styles here: one  |  two  |  three


3. Wrap Dress (midi)

I included this on the “Emergency Outfit” category is because it’s such a safe piece to have for days when you don’t have the time to change from a daytime outfit to a night-out glam look! Plus, when you’re in a rush, it’s a piece that you can easily grab and go without having to think about it!

Links to similar styles here: one two  |  three





4. Party Earrings : February Lifestyle

Of course, an outfit is never complete without a pair of earrings! It’s just the best finishing touch for a night-out or date-night outfit. I usually go chunky with basic looks, or dainty with loud ones. It’s all about the balance.



Footwear Must-Haves


1. First pair of sneakers

You’ve got to have your favorite sneaks (preferably white) and this one is a no-brainer! It’s so easy to style. You can keep it casual with some jeans + a band-tee shirt or wear it to work with your sleek slacks & blazer combo! This is my fave shoe to bring when I travel.


2. Ballet Flats

I always think classic is classic for a reason. Ballet flats are the epitome of class and effortlessness. I love a good ballet flat when worn with something a little more androgynous for that unexpected twist.

3. Day out Sandals

Living in a tropical country has made me realize that you can not go wrong with an easy-breezy sandal. The type you can literally let your toes breathe in. Your feet will thank you! Start with a pair of neutral-toned ones or a classic black slip-on!


4. Block Heels

Because sometimes you need a little confidence boost but you just cant deal with stilettos. Having a bit of added height when wearing block heels with a matching suit set will immediately give you that #GirlBoss feeling!


5. Strappy heels (Stuart Weitzman Nudist)

Trust me, at some point in your life, you’re going to attend a lot of major events like your best friend’s wedding or a formal work convention – so you would want to keep this in your wardrobe! It’s a shoe to wear to all occasions! I prefer going for a nude color because you can easily match it with whatever you’re going to wear. It elongates the leg and makes you feel so so sexy.

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  1. Wow! I hope blogs will be regular na just like before. Pls hehe 😄😂 anyways, my top 1 for everyday essentials is a black leggings. I have 6 black leggings haha! For my footwear must haves my top 1 must have is a day out sandal with strap in it. second is ballet flats then last is a nude closed shoes esp the shiny and pointed one.

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